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  1. Cheers for the reply. I got a mate who said on that condition anywhere between 14-17k. On car sales I see s15 autos converts for over 20k. 15-25k Spec R s15's are the general price range in the eastern states, depending on how many kms its done. Still not sure yet need more opinions.
  2. Hey guys. New to the forum and as well as getting into nissans . My question is: How much would you pay for a damaged Auto/S15/R spec/1999/92,000 kms silvia? Basically its a mates car and he got it into a car crash whilst driving when the road was wet. Exterior damage: Right hand side passanger door has been pulled in ( A typical small dent in that you would see at any normal car crash ) back fender has a small dent. Front bar has been chewed a bit and definately needs replacement. As for the engine im getting a 100 point check by my mechanic his weds. Whilst being in the passanger seat it didnt sound like the engine had any problems as well as checking the engine bay. However he tells me when it reaches 100kms the steering wheel starts to shake. It could be the allignment ( not sure yet ) still needs to be check. Is it worth fixing it up? Just wanna know how much you think it would be worth... Cheers