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  1. mazda MX5, girls or guys car?

    Thanks guys! Mike
  2. Vinyl wrap car

    Guys, I have promised the moderators not to conduct business over this forum (giving quotes etc). Please understand. I am sorry to be a prude. I can, however, answer all queries anyone might have in regards to vehicle vinyl wrappping in order to promote its bennefits. Please direct enquires to our website. There is an enquiry form there and well as provisions to upload photos to illustrate what sort of effect that you are pursuing. There are also a ton of pictures and info as well. Its well worth a look. Some facts about vinyl wrapping..... Vinyl wrap is 100% reversible. Removal within a couple of years will require minimal use of heat and time. This is because the vinyl has not had much exposure to UV-damage. Each piece of vinyl should come off in several sections. There should be no residue as the adhesive substance stays on the vinyl. Removal after 4-5 years will involve more time as UV exposure would make the film more brittle. It will rip off in more pieces. Minimal residue might occur but prepsol (wax & grease remover) should wipe it off easily without scrubbing. The vinyl manufacturer, Hexis, quotes up to 10 years durability for their vinyls. This is dependant on the factors of usage, UV exposure and care. The effect and colour of the chosen material also plays a part. Please see: http://www.ilovehx.com/english.htm Cleaning is easy. Hand wash (bucket, sponge and chamois with regular products) is recommended. "Wash & wax 2-in-1" detergents are ideal. Wax/polish/buff are neither necessary nor recommended. We have been using a light-pressured Kärcher to wash and rinse our promo MX-5 since it was first wrapped, blasting the hell out of it every week. Just to put it through the test, against the manufacturer's recommendations. They advised that this could degrade the texture (carbon fibre was used on our car). We have found no issues or changes so far and will continue with this. No edges have lifted as they were all wrapped around to the back of each panel (a bennefit of wrapping after stripping the car first). There are also various brands and grades of vinyl, with various longevity and prices. In general, you get what you pay for. Hope this helps anyone who might have queries about vinyl wraps. Once again, I apologise for not being able to cut quotes on the forum. It would be unfair for sponsors and the like. Mike
  3. Vinyl wrap car

    Matte black wrap is sometimes preferred nowadays over glossy/metallic black. Not just for tuners, but for manufacturers! This Jag XF special finish is a wrap. To be featured on Top Gear soon and will be driven by Jeremy Clarkson, right here in Australia. HX-30000 was used to wrap the whole car. The rear quarter panel, C-pillar, cant rail and A-pillar on each side of the vehicle was done in a single piece. No joints. Mike
  4. Vinyl wrap car

    First matte black GT-R R35 in NSW ! Matte black vinyl wrap
  5. Vinyl wrap car

    In the process of full wrapping a '09 GTR. What a beautiful car! The owner has bigger plans for it still. Will be finished by later this week. Pics will be up shortly to show everyone. I think it might be the first R35 in NSW to be wrapped ! A worthy point to make is that despite the tech and new-age design, stripping it is not much different to stripping my S15 from a few years ago. A more interesting question I have to ask myself is how I moved onto a 2.0L MX-5 from a 250BHP S15......old age perhaps. Might switch from sports to lawn bowl next.....
  6. Vinyl wrap car

    so now he can rob a bank and rip the decals off half way down the street.. btw that mx5 looks great wrapped in the carbon, wonderful job! how many hours and people do you guys usually have on the job? Myself and my partner did the MX-5 in 4 days straight. Each panel was done individually with one single sheet of vinyl. Car was stripped right down, like a respray. On commercial vehicles, we would take 2 days as the job might not be as critical (only a workhorse, and not someone's pride and joy). On these cars/vans/car-like vans, a single large sheet is laid over the the whole side of the vehicle and cuts are made on the gaps between panels. Much quicker. Look at this car-like van; we hated it, with its impact-damage, cracked lens and all. The client supplied the vinyl, which is not even made for vehicle wraps (but for cutting self-adhesive decals). Mike
  7. Vinyl Wrapping - Best Place Sydney

    I can't abuse the forum and conduct business here. Sorry to be a pest. 180sxnit, I have PM'ed you. Guys, please direct enquiries to: www.carbondemon.com.au carbondemon@gmail.com Mike
  8. Vinyl Wrapping - Best Place Sydney

    Given the right care (washing the vehicle regularly to stop bird droppings acid etc), it will be good for up to 7-10 years. By then, if the car is being sold without the wrap, the factory paint will be very well preserved. Wraps are a good way to prevent damage to paint/parts. This Elise has had its sills wrapped to prevent damage when getting in and out of the car. Mike
  9. Vinyl wrap car

    No painting or sanding, but like Driift said, parts have to be removed. Mike
  10. Vinyl wrap car

    Bumps and dents will still show underneath the wrap. We had any dents PDR'ed before the wrap. Wrapping is an alternative to resprays. However, if the original paint is flakey, the vinyl removal later on down the track could lift the paint. We fully wrapped this '05 MX-5. But we are in Sydney: Carbon Fibre Vinyl Wrap
  11. iphone question

    This guy has blended almost anything other than his own hands. Marbles, canned goods and electricals. See that dust? ..... In theory, one can breathe a complete iphone into his lungs.......
  12. Anyone into Nitro RC cars?

    I enjoy both brushless and nitro. Been trying to convert a freshly built (but never run) HPI R40 nitro into brushless. Anyone got any ideas? I don't need to retain the 2-speed. Mike
  13. Safety camera question

    They are more "landmines" than "safety". Whilst passing them, I am always looking at the speedo and taking eyes off the road. Mike
  14. Clear/Black Front Bar Reflectors

    A reversible solution is to tint the lenses with translucent vinyl. You won't need to worry about fitment cos you are using stock parts. Works great, heat-proof, completely reversible and cheap! Mike
  15. MX-5 NC '05 6MT

    Thanks to Xntrik Photography for this great pic taken at Wakefield Park, Goulburn. Mike
  16. mazda MX5, girls or guys car?

    Mine is a guy's car. Mike
  17. Vinyl Wrapping - Best Place Sydney

    Joints: Not 3M. Hexis HX-30000 was used We used 15 metres of wrap. The whole car was stripped for the wrap, much like a full respray. Headlights, door handles, bumpers, guard liners and more. Vinyl was able to be wrapped around the edges for a complete finish. Was going to do something about the wheels. Looking for something lighter for track use with better tyres. But currently selling car to fund another promo car with matte black wrap and more speed/power. Mike
  18. Mazda MX5 / Miata Pics!

    This is my NC. Mike
  19. Vinyl Wrapping - Best Place Sydney

    Yep! Was at AutoSalon.
  20. Vinyl Wrapping - Best Place Sydney

    Hey fellas, I am a noob to Hardtuned. Hello all! This is my car in CF vinyl wrap. It's not a Silvia but does handle nicely (though I had a S15 & a S14; great cars). Hope you like it.... Mike