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  1. Do u really believe that it had 61 000 on the clock? LOL more like 161000 lol...but still thats what the odo read :-P
  2. cannot recommend powertune enough. A good tuner will definately make a difference and they give you great advice. If you're gunning for 300rwkw i will also recommend an ecu upgrade a la haltech. When i spoke to chea about my goal and i mentioned i wanted to go the nistune route, he was happy to go that way but he strongly recommended the haltech PS1000 as the tune is a lot more detailed. The car that Powertune built for me was as follows: 1996 180sx Type X with 61000kms on the clock. Greddy LS Intercooler Custom POD intake behind front bar Custom intake piping Custom 3" turbo back exhaust Custom Spec Garrett Turbo rated at 500hp Tial 38mm MVS wastegate Custom Screamer pipe Haltech Platinum Sport 1000 ID2000 cc injectors Sard top feed fuel rail Aftermarket FPR (forget what brand) Braided fuel lines Single Walbro 255lph intank fuel pump Step 2 BC cams BC Springs and retainers GK Tech RAS Tuned by powertune on 98 octane. The car made 293rwkw on 21psi. Car would start coming on boost at about 2400 and be at full boost by about 3500-3600. Never really checked properly as once boost came on you'd want to be paying attention to the road. Quickest time i ran down the strip was 12.5 and that was with stupid camber i had to make sure my wheels sat roughly inside the guards to keep pigs happy. I drove that car daily for a bit over a year and then sold it about 6-8 months ago. Since then, the new owner has been regularly tracking the car. Still going strong on the stock bottom end. The car has been driven hard just like these cars are meant to and has not once had motor issues. Going strong still. Speak to Ha or Chea at powertune about what you want and they will guide you in the best possible way. Alternatively, STR8E180 is also very knowledgeable with SR20s.
  3. will be there in my evo lol but new owener of my old 180 will be there tooo!!!!
  4. epa noise and emissions gear test is not that bad...i cleared mine fairly easily tbh with a decat, top feed rail aftermarket fpr all that stuff cleared...jst gotta turn the sound down and make sure you still have you charcoal canister and stock catch can etc...also wastegate must be plumb back as well as bov
  5. check my build thread if you want OP, i was running stock bottom end for over 8 months since the build and did 3 track days and 2 drag strip nights and daily'd the car almost every single day and hte car did not have a single hiccup all that time. It comes down to how you build the car and where you spend your money. I also think servicing the car with quality oil and regularly helps heaps...
  6. EPA

    ok so people scare you a lot about EPA...i literally passed on my second go 2 days ago with the following still on aftermarket fpr fmic top mount fuel rail bigger turbo stock ex mani plumbed back ex gate all that stuff was on there and it was still passed...had put a quieter exhaust on but thats it...also make sure you have o2 sensor on the dump as well as make sure you have afm...and also make sure your engine light works... oh yeah decat is a straight fail so dont bother without a cat
  7. Carbon Taxing rebuilds.

    In the short term the 30% might get passed onto consumers and us as customers, but in the long term prices will stabilize and definately not at 30% higher businesses will have to absorb some of the costs but really prices will definately end up going up...
  8. 350+RWKW Sr20det

    some of the sr20s putting power down these days are pretty big man...with very good torque curves and extremely responsive...
  9. mate you need to forget about a 2jz and drop one of these bad boys in...will make 800hp on stock internals no worries
  10. GT3071R

    what power are u making and what fuel?
  11. GT3071R

    The ATP T2 60mm trim is exactly the same as the t3 Awesome housing that t2 external gate it flows exactly the same as a t3 Would you use the Old GT3071R or the new GTX3071 if you have the extra money you would use gtx every time...billet wheel lighter and stronger and more responsive so n brainer really...but i think its like 6-800 buckeroos dearer..or get a precision lol
  12. Blow off valve

    is there such a thing as a blow off valve for twin turbos?
  13. 98 BP or E85

    cant you appeal that? like for defecting you for a non existing part O_o
  14. Stolen Turbo from GCG - $500 Reward

    this coulda happened guy comes in asks for turbo, salesperson goes out back to get comes out customer says oh and i also want a (insert random turbo related item here) so sales person leaves turbo on front desk goes to get other item and customer fcks off with turbo...ive been to gcg a few times to by shit...theyre nice people mostly and seems a dick move to steal from them...now they got cameras though...hope this scum gets caught
  15. EPA Sound Notice

    well i got fined for speeding hte other day...copper said nothing then...he mustve filed the report