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  1. 4:AM jokes!

    got a good laugh from a few of them
  2. TRY ME

    bahahaa mad
  3. Two tradies

  4. Post your height & weight

    height - 6 ft 2in, 189cm weight - 88kg slim/athletic build wanna stack some mass on and tone it up goal - 92-95kg
  5. Dubstep? Drum N Bass? Anyone into it?

    not a good song but i got a laugh out of it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AKCCzK6r1YA
  6. GOOD First person shooters for PS3

    cod mw, mw2, black ops best online games
  7. Do You Own A Nismo Key?

    i just got yoda hangin off mah keys
  8. 1993 180sx SR20DET 5spd man

    Not sure yet. i'd love GT-C's or even something like URAS NS01's GT-C's would look TUFF
  9. Building the 15 (FINALLY FINISHED)

    that car is soooooooooooo sexy
  10. dub step parrot

    lolz that parrot is madd, i want 1.

    LMFAO best thread out.
  12. Public Restroom

  13. 1993 180sx SR20DET 5spd man

    nice build mate, wat rims ya gonna run on it??