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  1. Check your drivers side loom too
  2. s15 6spd and brass button clutch?

    exedy HD will be better suited for your power goals and a LOT more comfortable to drive
  3. Going to get my ss2 bb'd and also going external gate at the same time along with a touch up tune. Will be interesting to see the difference
  4. hey pur40m are you making 280kw with 740cc's and a FPR? was considering switching mine to e85 at some point later this year
  5. HPX afm is also a good alternative if you're looking at the r35 afm route. Would go that > z32 these days
  6. Had my car tuned by Trent the other month and it made 250kw @ 20psi on 98 with the ATR28SS2. The boost controller dial was maxed (though unit specs say it's capable of 36psi?) but I think Trent said this was about the safe limit for this setup. Might consider e85 down the track but powerfc and I drive the car from melbourne to winton for drift days so I don't feel like carrying a heap of Jerry cans haha. - S14 SR20 with VCT and std bottom end - Poncams - Tomei dump to HPI Dual front pipe to 3" exhaust straight through with a varex on the end - 3" intake + Z32 + Apexi pod - Nismo 740cc - ARC FMIC (non return flow) - Walbro 460 hardwired - Powerfc - HKS EVC 5 EBC
  7. WOW - What happened?

    i wasn't even around in the "og meet" days but i'm down haha
  8. 180sx stock VLSD for drifting?

    If the diff's worn it may still end up single pegging after being shimmed. It can also still single when the diff centre gets hot from memory. Cheap 2 ways pop up every now and then or else welding might be an option too if you can live with it
  9. WOW - What happened?

    memories of reading through all the threads back in highschool when I wanted a n/a s13 or 34 as my first car lol. hopefully this forum can be revived as i miss the whole forum thing
  10. Let's Talk Brake Pads!

    I'm running the Intima SS pads on the front of my S14 as it's just a street/drift car and the initial bite on them cold is great along with the stopping power. They don't seem to be that dusty either which is a bonus Keen to get a set of the SR's instead of the typical PMU's which i originally intended on for my s2000 when it's ready for track handy shop link in your article too
  11. S15 Grip/Street/Track build thread

    auto s15 sr20det comes with a 3.9 ratio diff from memory so it won't be too bad till he finds a higher ratio
  12. Oil filter blocks?

    Hey I've got the midnight mods kit. The guy I bought it from got speedflow fittings to replace the ones coming from the oil block (that bolts to the motor) as the originally supplied ones were leaking for him. I installed it from underneath the car by removing the alternator and loosening nearby brackets to give me enough room. I also had to loop the lines that went to the heat exchanger on my OEM oil block (I think this is a ADM s14 thing?), which I did by trimming one of the hoses and plugging it into the port where the other hose used to be. Luckily the workshop is doing it for you because it was a bit of a *milkshake* to do myself for the first time haha.