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  1. Wow... that's just f**ked up workmanship...
  2. ADM vs JDM S15 spec R

    Lol, the main difference in power comes from Japan's superior fuel(which is a moot point) and a better stock exhaust(which you would change anyway). Those are very negligible, it's not like there is a HUGE difference in power stock for stock between the two if they are running on Australia fuel. I think the ECU on the Jap spec is tuned a bit more aggressively though.
  3. Not sure about Daalder in Box Hill, but Daalder in Preston were great. If you supply a stock catback AND do the test with them, they only charge you for installing the stock exhaust, ends up being about $60 with the test. I thought my system would pass(Trust PE II catback, full exhaust), it got about 89dB at 4,000rpm but the back-off was at 94dB, was guttered
  4. TOMEI arms M8270/ M8260 turbo

    Wow, awesome looking setup. Love the look of the Tomei Expreme manifold. Just out of curiousity, Which old style CES dump was fitted that caused the restriction? I was under the assumption that the long, split CES dump pipes were the best? As it seperates the wastegate gases and merges it back smoothly, eliminating turbulence.
  5. Rebuilding sr20 in car

    if anyone knows how to f**k an sr its this guy hahaha what number you up to now andy 5? 6? Haha! Gold!
  6. airbox quality, pro's/con's?

    Never liked the ARC airboxes at all. It's pretty much the same as attaching an exposed pod to the intake pipe. There are better airboxes, even on Ebay, that enclose the whole pod, so that it is insulated from the hot temperatures of the engine bay.
  7. I was EPA'd with an S15 driving down Russel Street. Received a letter in the mail, stating I had to take it in. They give you ample time to do so. I pretty much just had to change the cat-back, although it was lucky that I brought along the stock cat, as the stock cat-back did not match up to my Apexi cat-converter.... Was a bit of a headache though...
  8. Superchargers for SR20's

    Would you need a water-air intercooler? Super charger to turbo would get pretty hot!
  9. It could be the VCT rattle. Generally happens when it gets close to 100,000kms. Only way of solving it is to replace the timing chain, which is not an easy job, quite pricey. Most tend to just live with it. However it only usually happens on cold start up, so it might be something else.
  10. Superchargers for SR20's

    The intercooler piping would be pretty messy with a twin charged setup..
  11. Superchargers for SR20's

    Wow, would need deep pockets for that....
  12. Superchargers for SR20's

    What is "twin-charging"? Both super and turbo charged?
  13. S14 or 180sx

    Was originally going to vote for the S14, but noticed you were talking about the series 1 specifically. Out of your two options, I personally would go for the Type X 180. I love the series 2 S14s though, those front lights are soooo angry!
  14. The JustJap box doesn't fully enclose the filter though. I mean, it doesn't have to be 150% airtight, but having those big gaps in the box kind of defeats the purpose of an airbox in my opinion.
  15. safe boost level for blacktop sr

    Get it tuned right and you will be able to run a 14 very safely. Maybe get some injectors if you want to be on the extra safe side.