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  2. **Spotted Thread**

    Tell me about it proper devoed ay
  3. NSW Spotted Thread

    Saw a s14 on botany (ur12pt) you have the same rims as me
  4. **Spotted Thread**

    Yeah I saw you bro I would of waved but I was texting at the same time lol I'll wave next time
  5. NSW Spotted Thread

    Spotted an s13 on general holmes drive this morning number plate ay99vy
  6. So you do something or not over the weekend ?
  7. I didn't go bed till 130 and I was up at 630
  8. Well I'm here ( sylvannia maccas) lol
  9. +1 cmon you know you wanna come! Hey blake are you coming to the crossroads meet at all or are you gonna meet up with the rest of us at nulla? I dont really know anyone at the crossroads meet so someone come say hi and let me know your a forum member! I'll be in the purple 180 with mixed match wheels! I'll come say hi to matey I'm Scott I can give you a comfort hug if you wish as well lmfao
  10. Your a greedy *milkshake* Blake you want the best of everything lol
  11. **Spotted Thread**

    f**k you *milkshake* you dick sucking rapist I ain't picking you up Tomoz you can walk
  12. I've been busted and not just the once either one I remember is I was bating of in bed with the curtains open ( a casual mid day wank ) when I heard whistling I stopped listened ad carried on I heard the whistling again stopped again turned around to find the local window cleaner washing my windows
  13. **Spotted Thread**

    Yeah I was tail gating him so he would hurry the f**k up I was running late for work lol