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  1. UNC's option aero s13 & S12

    Why do you get all the cool things, I need to get my shit together
  2. Jono's 89 CA18DE Two Tone Aero

    Orange indicators MMMMMM love the photoshop Ben
  3. Tomi's '99 JDM S15 Silvia

    just went through this whole thread and this car is amazing im so keen to get an s15 now in white i love it
  4. Jono's 89 CA18DE Two Tone Aero

    this car looks so good i remember your old thread when you first bought it its come along way looks great man, wish i had an aero kit:(
  5. Roc's S13 - going to Calder Park Xmas Skids!

    this is becoming an awesome build already love the RPF1's i wanna buy a set for my sil
  6. Jamie's SR20 Cefiro

    this is one amazing ceffy i freaking love it looks so good
  7. The don't expect fast progress build.

    shit got f**ked up but good to see your getting back into it and got another sil
  8. Some times gets used

    One sexy laurel i love it, Want one so bad
  9. S13 Sr20de Daily

    such a cool looking s13 i want clear lenses for my bricks now and aero of course so much win mate
  10. My S14 Series II

    clean car mate looks like a good starting point how i want an s14
  11. this thing is amazing love the work guys
  12. rb20det Track S13 - R32 4d *New wheels*

    shit yeah thats sick always loved 32 4 doors
  13. rb20det s13 for sale $3,725

    cheers but i want like new ones haha
  14. rb20det s13 for sale $3,725

    i want new ones i buy stuff off ebay but have never come across them re they still selling them on ebay link me please i want new ones soo bad lol
  15. rb20det s13 for sale $3,725

    whered did you get them imported at Nissan??