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  1. Why do people think Silvia owners are tight asses?

    Resurrection. So here we are in 2015. My Silvia car rolled off the line precisely 27 years and 1 month ago. To this end it is still in excellent condition; better than I am, that's for sure. No battle scars, no twisted chassis, and still the original engine. I seldom drive it, but as usual I can't bear to part with it. Recently the son of one of my mum's friends asked for assistance in inspecting an S13 that was for sale. Having just got his licence and with a fair amount of savings in the bank, he had become obsessed with Silvias and wanted one desperately. At first I was hesitant - I'm time poor these days, and after all, I don't even know the kid anyway - but I remembered how clueless I was when I bought my first car, which was also a Silvia. The young lad tells me that he has found a 'really clean' non-turbo CA18 auto example advertised at a fairly ambitious price, but he is happy to pay more for a clean one. Fair enough. I ask for a link to the Scumtree ad and sure enough, the seller is making out like this one had been stored since new. Off we go for a look. As we pull up in the afternoon sun I can already see that the car, parked some 20 metres away, looks a bit more 'agricultural' than the ad had made out. We head on over and like walking into a bathroom with fluorescent lighting after a big night out, things are beginning to look worse. Rust everywhere. Dents everywhere. Valve cover leaks. Power steering leaks. Bent radiator support. Evidence of accident damage in the rear. Filthy brown interior. Did I mention that it was an auto, non-turbo, CA18? I could go on... Had I timed it, I reckon we were there for less than five minutes when I said to the kid (who by this stage was about to pull the money out of his pocket)... "This car is f**ked!" This was the sort of vehicle not even worth a major lowball offer, so we retreated. The kid sat silent, crestfallen, for the journey back. Since then I have resumed looking out there for an S13 - partly for him, partly because I'm curious to see what is out there. They are indeed becoming much harder to find in any sort of decent condition. At the time of writing this, there are 11 S13 Silvias for sale on CarSales in the country. I seem to recall that when I was 17 and looking for my first one there were probably six or seven times this on the market, with plenty of stock examples around. Sad, really. I feel now that for a lot of 'enthusiasts' modifying cars is about narcissism, not passion. They do it to be seen, to be blogged about, to be a photo on someone else's Instagram. To that end it seems like a lot of the cars around the traps are modified with minimal effort - the standard recipe being cheap replica wheels, cheap coilovers, and not much else. BYO flat-brimmed cap and bad attitude, stickers optional. I'll keep looking though. Maybe a diamond in the rough will pop up. As for parts, the situation has worsened, if such a thing was possible. Now it would seem that fairly commonplace items are practically 'unobtanium'. I have been looking for a Type X driver's side door trim for the past couple of years, with no damage. Maybe I'm missing something, but they just don't seem to be around?
  2. Bride RX rails might be an option, but not certain. Source: have had S13 RX rails on Bride Brix and Recaro SR3, no messing around required.
  3. Evo 7 Recaros in s13

    Bride RX rails are the best, I found this out through trial and error (SR3 seats in an S13).
  4. Why do people think Silvia owners are tight asses?

    The thing is young padawan, you don't really need anyone else's respect or validation. I think most true car enthusiasts place little weight on what others think of their vehicle. I know that I have copped more than perhaps my fair share of insults with the half a dozen or so imports that I have had...some phrases were repeated more than others: Rice burner Kebab mobile Turban turner Shit box What is that? Is that like a pulsar? Its not a V8 My mate has one but better I'm not getting in that This is embarrassing Does it skid? Young people in sports cars have just about always been seen as some sort of untermensch (look it up). And you know what. If you drive a clean S14 with nice wheels and no stickers... I WILL RESPECT YOU. And so will Flying180. . Life has also taught me that nothing goes down better than gutter to gutter in a school zone to pick up them year 12 hoes. I'm too old now, I'd probably get locked up for it, so I'm passing the torch to you. From memory the back of an S14 is pretty cosy but nowhere near as bad as an S13. Edit: I could never manage school zone skids that well though, if you need any tips hit up Locky, I think he painted his S14 a sort of vag pink which looked pretty rad.
  5. Why do people think Silvia owners are tight asses?

    'The situation' as we know it has reached that of a terrible plague. Who's to blame? I'm not sure, but like others I believe that as 'our' cars get cheaper the dregs of society get further involved with them. Just for a laugh every now and then I look back at old issues of High Performance Imports and the like...the ones that are 10 years old now. SR20 turbo S13s were over $20,000 then, Supras were probably double that. People were buying brand new S15s from the dealership in 2002. So now we have a scenario where you can't move an SR20 turbo S13 for any more than $6,000, people don't know the difference (or don't care) between counterfeit and genuine parts, and flat-brimmed hats are the norm. Slap on some Chaiwanese coilovers, fake wheels, shit tyres, and the rest of the Illest brigade or whatever will pitch a tent whenever you roll into the car park at the next JDMST meet. Oh yeah, no-one has cruises any more, though police attention had a lot to do with it. Now it is all about standing around in cliques and comparing wheel fitment. Terrible. [Don't forget to use as many Americanisms as you can in general conversation at these meets, such as 'dope', 'fresh', 'illest', 'slammed', 'stance'. Oh, and if you dare dislike any car you are a 'hater' - can't forget that one!] Varvs, like you I barely drive my car any more, and every time I pay rego I go through about five minutes of wondering why I pay for the privilege of it sitting in my garage for 350 days a year. Then I come to the realisation that selling it would be a painful exercise replete with all the lowballers who never intended on buying the car anyway. Put simply; the money I would possibly get back for my very clean S13 Silvia would not compensate me for the many thousands I have spent on the car and the long list of quality parts I have fitted. So what to do? Do you 'strip' it and throw aforementioned quality parts out there to the jackals? NS.com is now a barren wasteland occasionally punctuated by a tumbleweed of a thread, Life Invader (Facebook) is for chumps, and it seems people on eBay are clearly illiterate for no matter how many times you say 'pick up only', your entire exhaust WILL be bought by someone in Kalgoorlie or similar. Once you have stripped your pride and joy it is then a stock Silvia, albeit a clean one. At this point in time the market seems to want to pay as little as possible for them so... ...mine's staying in the garage and in several decades time I will be that crazy old dude who tells the local flat-brimmed cap wearing youngsters on their hoverboards that "I remember when Silvias were $20,000 and then $5,000 and now they are practically extinct!" Time for another whiskey.
  6. Guitar stuff

    Forgot I had posted in this thread! Good times... Anyway, still got the Peavey Classic 30 amp. Love it. Tube amp, made in the USA. Quality. As for guitars, I have the following: Fender Stratocaster 'Fat Strat' - Made in USA. 2004 (50th Anniversary). Silver with black pickguard, stock. Fender Telecaster - Made in USA. 2011 (60th Anniversary). Ash body with black pickguard, stock. Looks like this: I went to a new shop yesterday as I needed to get the setup on my Strat checked out. Long story short, they had a mad deal on the aforementioned Tele and after 30 seconds of playing I was absolutely sold. The sound is insane. Now doing my best Springsteen impressions! If anyone is keen on the Strat it is for sale - at the right price, of course! Just send a PM through.
  7. Lazer eye surgery

    No. Where I went they give you 2 valium tablets when you arrive. You then sit and wait for approx half an hour. Just before surgery they put local anaesthetic in your eyes, in the form of eye drops. The surgeon at the practice I went to was very experienced, having completed over 15,000 procedures successfully, and talked me through step by step. At one point you go blind briefly but all up the procedure only took about 20 minutes for both eyes.
  8. Lazer eye surgery

    Had it done two weeks ago at a surgery in North Sydney. Best move ever. All up, including initial consultation, surgery, and eye drops...there was a tiny bit of change from $3000. As I had astigmatism contact lenses were more expensive (and very uncomfortable). Once you consider the cost of contact lenses (about $60-$80 a month for me) and then a new set of glasses every year or two, it pays itself off pretty quickly. My parents had it done in the mid-90s when the procedure was relatively new and also agreed it was the best thing ever done.
  9. Painting your stereo surround and interior plastics

    None taken. For what it's worth, about two years ago I started hating painted interior plastics (unless the original colour was black and it was painted black etc). I do not recommend anyone carry out this DIY mod, but if you do you will get good results.
  10. Aftermarket speaker covers

    Hi guys, I recently purchased a pair of Bride-trimmed S13 door trims. When they arrived I found that in addition to the Bride trim, the rest of the vinyl was retrimmed in black suede...BONUS! Anyways, there is one slight problem. The previous owner, by the looks of things, has tried to fit larger speakers and has hacked a couple of centimetres of trim from where the stock speaker cover usually goes. This is a problem because I tried to fit the stock speaker cover over and it isn't big enough for the hole. So, what I'm trying to find is black or grey aftermarket speaker covers that don't look like rubbish. I've trawled eBay and Google but can't seem to find anything that looks respectable. Can anyone point me in the right direction? cheers
  11. Sounds cool. Do you have a pic of your setup? The increase in pedal feel when I went from a the shitty BM33 to a BM50 was perfect (S15 brakes front, S13 brakes rear). I've driven S15s before and the brake pedal actually feels the same. I didn't change the booster, maybe it's really only required when you go GTR brakes or brakes of equal capacity?
  12. Just out of interest (and not having a go at you), are you speaking from experience or in theory? Because I (like ActionDan) have done the conversion as posted and everything is perfectly functional.
  13. Check this link, has all the info you need: http://www.nissansilvia.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=395429 -Use an ABS BM50 from an S15, it is much much much cheaper than a non-ABS BM50 which are rare. -Get a T-piece from Enzed/Pirtek/etc -Get a male to male adapter made up -Use the stock S13 booster
  14. A Politicians Worst Nightmare‏

    That email is so jingoistic it actually worries me. I hope it is satirical, I truly do.
  15. Cash spews out of Commonwealth ATM