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  1. I'm going for second hand ones. They're a pretty bad brand I hear (Godspeed?) but again only for daily driving not track. Not spending much as I doubt I'll be changing the height once it's set. Trying to get the car about around 3-4 cm lower than standard height.
  2. Hey guys, In the market for coilovers for my s13. Unsure as to what Spring rate I should be getting? It'll be mostly for daily driving, not track. So want something relatively comfortable. Been looking at ones that are 8kg front and 7kg rear and wondering what sort of ride I could expect? Any assistant with this is appreciated!
  3. WTB: s13 Silvia RH Guard (VIC)

    Thanks for the response guys. Hoping for one in Melbourne atm for convenience! Only after the RH Guard now...
  4. WTB: s13 Silvia RH Guard (VIC)

  5. Hi guys, After an s13 Silvia RH guard. Can be any color but must be in good condition. Please let me know if you or someone you know might be selling one! Thanks!!
  6. wrecker in melb area

    Bumping this. Anyone know any wreckers that might have s13 Silvia's?
  7. Hi guys, After a few s13 parts for a 1993 Nissan Silvia. Please let me know if you have these parts or know of anyone selling them/wrecking an s13 in Melbourne. - Front Bonnet - Front Bumper (and reinforcement) - Front RH fender/guard - Front s13 headlights / indicators Thanks!
  8. Hey guys, I'm after a clutch slave cyclinder but can't find places that stock it new in Melbourne. I've got an s13 (SR20DE). There's a few on ebay/online but don't want to wait for shipping. Any ideas of places that might stock it?
  9. GTA V to be released before March 2013 ^ CLick link for article. 2012 is still likely. October/November.
  10. Some updates! GTA V reference in Max Payne 3 booklet: http://www.gta5info....w-end-an-update GTA V vehicle list discovered!! (Snow may be in the game): http://www.gta5info....-with-pictures-
  11. Changed ECU and the problem is gone.
  12. I took the switch out of the barrel. Shouldn't the car start with a screw driver regardless if the barell is broken or not? But anyways, the barrel is good. Like new. Really confused on this issue.
  13. Car: 1993 S13 Silvia, SR20DE, Manual. Background: Turned my car on one night. Sitting in it letting it warm up. Idle. Then all of a sudden it turns off. Tried to start it and wouldn't. Had mechanic come over and checked everything he could. Everything mechanically was fine. My friend is an auto electricitian and came to check my car out. Everything he checked worked fine. Spark plugs good. Distributor (after cleaning) is good. Battery good. Starter is good. After playing around trying to start the car, i discovered that if i hold the key towards the end, it stays on. So i'd start the car, it would crank and then i slowly go back and when it starts i hold it and the car works fine. But as soon as i let go, and the key slips into 'on' position, the car shuts off. It would be impossible to drive around like this given my car is manual and moving the keyt slightly would shut the car off. So I figured it could be the ignition switch that's broken. After looking around i found a place that sold one for my car. Bought it, plugged it in and still the car did the same thing. Using a screw driver on the ignirion switch, the problem remained. My friend suggested the only thing now that could be the issue is a stuffed ECU. So now i'm in the process of trying to find one for my car. But it's not 100% guarenteed to be the problem. Has anyone seen a problem like this before? Any idea what else could cause this?
  14. bump Ended up getting one for $25, but that also wasn't the problem.
  15. I'm sure now it's this because when i turn the car on using a screw driver it still switches off unless i hold it: Is this part specific to silvias or can be taken off other Nissans of similar year like the NX or EXA?