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  1. Ahh I bought it a few months ago (only just got around to doing this now!) but paid around $50 for it.
  2. To re-clarify I ducked out and took a photo... The green circle is where the pollen filter goes, as you can see it does foul on the plastic bar.
  3. Just though I'd add up a little extra on this... I did this to my ADM 15 this morning and everything was as described, apart from there was a large piece of plastic in the way! Now I'm not sure if this is only found on ADM models but at the back of the glove box where the plastic hinges join (step 1 is removing them) there is a plastic strip about 2cm wide that joins all the way across. See the diagram below. Green arrows show the plastic hinges, and the pink strip is where the plastic strip goes along. Now the one issue this causes is that it makes taking the pollen filter out difficult. To avoid taking half your lower dash out you need to firmly press this plastic strip down and pull towards you. It is quite flexible (not brittle) and does bend. Just pull it far enough out the way so you can remove the pollen filter/put it back in. Anyway hope this helps. Just didn't want anyone removing half their dash for no reason Jesse.
  4. Catalytic Converter

    There's not 'massive fine' for running around without a cat. It's a myth, like dragons and shit. Sure it'll get ya a defect but it's not going to cost ya $2500-$10000.
  5. thats surely a bit low isnt it? oh wait sorry no cams...just saw...hows the lag with no cams on that? Not too bad really, boost by 3100, full boost by 4700.
  6. E85

    Also I ran 1200cc squirters for 350hp (plenty of duty cycle left). As others have stated above, it is corrosive and all previous advice RE: fuel system is good advice.
  7. ADM vs JDM S15 spec R

    ADM, but biased.
  8. E85

    Uses more like 50% more, very hard to start if it's a really cold morning, expensive ($3/L in WA). Other than that it's really good. More power, cooler temps, less det risk, higher quality fuel. I ran it on my old S13 with 350hp.
  9. Headlights not a bad idea if your pod sits right behind it, but unless you're hell bent on getting the most out of your car it's probs not worth it. Also make sure you change your brake fluid after the event, I'd have money on it being boiled.
  10. Deffs not needed. 98 and you're all good, just don't let the fuel levels get too low.
  11. Urgent Question

    Can't trial fit?
  12. Best ECU

    WOLF 3D - Seriously best ECU you can buy. Tuners love them too as they've got highly tunable parameters...
  13. is a ve head worth it ?

    Yeah deffs a possibility, however I still have the GT35R left over from my last car so for the cost of the changeover I'll probs end up using the 35R. It's inevitable that at some point 450/500hp will become not enough and then the 35R leaves me with some wiggle room for more power

    Wow! Massive effort to make that power out of that car Top work! No chance of a brake upgrade??
  15. Teezn's 96 RZ supra

    Kit looks good!