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  1. Can anybody recommend something for sealing the upper sump and to the block?
  2. LS Swapped S14 questions.

    If you really want to commit to having it legal, find an engineer to work with before you commit to the conversion. They will guide you through the legalities and tell you if you if you can do certain things or not. Even though LS swaps have been 'going for years', pretty much all of them are tracked, so things like air-con and safety etc... are not well documented.
  3. Are tubs street legal in Vic

    How does your picture prove they're legal? Only way you'll be able to get them legal is with an engineer.
  4. Ask Eleven Ten Engineering, they do cut n' shut RB25/Z32 gearboxes to JZ engines so they might have some idea.
  5. Cheap daily? (Long commute)

    Twin cam Excel, $60 of 91 gets me about 600k's of mostly highway driving. The engines are also Mitsubishi units (4G15) and I've found them to be pretty damn reliable.
  6. Best websites to buy 180sx parts?

    Taarks for genuine parts.
  7. My S1 S14 had one, ended up ditching it because the seal inside it started leaking and oil was going everywhere. The big round part on top screws off and the seal is underneath that if I remember correctly.
  8. There's a group that meets at Gravellia Park every Friday night at 9:30. The meeting point has been changing in the last few weeks though. Now that the main contingent is back from matsuri, meeting will probably pick up again and somebody else might chime in. https://www.google.com.au/maps/@-35.303157,149.151624,17z
  9. review current setup

    Not required or essential really. Only becomes a necessity when you get stupid low. Castor rods are always good though. As long as you give it a go, just make adjustments one at a time.
  10. Towing Capacity

    Been told that if you want to tow something (even a box trailer) in Japan, you need an articulated vehicle license. Can see the obvious problems there. Pretty much reasoned that's why most JDM cars have little regard for towing.
  11. Towing Capacity

    There will also be a braked and un-braked towing capacity. This might be why it looks like some people appear to be towing more than they should (although I'm sure plenty of people don't follow it). Depending on the type of chassis (cab chassis for example) could also be related to the max weight that the factory springs can take. Kinda like the Falcon example above.
  12. Was this just the coil pack loom or the engine loom? Regardless, where did you pick it up from?
  13. This is the same for S14 S1, indicators are in the bumpers.
  14. Edward lee's?

    The ad is poorly worded, it seems more like an ad for them to import a car to sell to you rather than selling one that's already on shore. If this is infact the case, the ad doesn't mention anything about compliance either. If it gets to the point you start looking over seas, Iron Chef has a pretty good rep on these forums.
  15. Power has nothing to do with it. In fact more would probably make it worse.
  16. 2JZ s14

    Some people will do it for the shorter stroke as it will be more revvy. Plenty of power from the factory.
  17. Wheels, Tyres and suspension needed

    The way I'm reading your message is that you are trying to get NRMA to cover the expenses of your hose problems (please correct me if I'm wrong). I have never heard of any insurance company covering repairs on mechanical failure, except in the case of flood damage (which typically writes off the car for a few other reasons too). Those hoses are also probably 25 years old, they're a maintenance item and I doubt you will see anything in relation to the hose problems. There is a good chance that the head gasket popped when your hose burst. It's just coincidental that these problems happened in such close proximity to the accidents. How much is this ebay motor? You will have to budget in install if you can't do it yourself too.
  18. 2/1.5 way diffs R200

    The diff gears. When you buy a "diff", you're only buying the centre, they don't come with the gears, you just use the ones you have already or get a different ratio from another car. The centre only controls how the wheels lock and act under certain conditions. Here's a list of R200 ratios and the cars that have them - http://www.nissansil...howtopic=337751 Be aware that if you change the ratio, you'll have to have the backlash set for the new pinion. If you're not changing gears or taking the pinion out it's fine.
  19. I've had this in a couple of cars. Battery was cactus, had enough power to light up the dash and radio though. Where are you jump starting it from? The bay or the battery? If the car is in a position to roll start it (even in reverse), that might eliminate a few things.

    Diff gears and to a lesser extent wheels.
  21. Coilover movement?

    Checked your rack bushes too? If you've got oil leaking onto them they'll disintegrate. I had both rack bushes and tie rod end ruined and I could change the toe on the car if I turned the steering wheel quickly enough, was a pain in the ass on rutted roads.
  22. Blinkers turn off too early

    Dunno, but this is the case on my S14 with a stock airbag wheel. Damn annoying too.