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  1. V8 Supers cars

    cops will always be out but if no one drove like a cock then cops dont even look at imports up here.
  2. Ok guys the V8's are coming soon, so whos going? any big after parties? and is there anyone keen on doing a supercar cruise?

    the factory closed april last year guys i know this coz my old boy was laid off. the adelaide factory (salisbury) was the only one to produce (bridgestone) tyres in aust. For the next best thing go the firestone tyres build in NZ they are the same!!!
  4. www.serco-ap.com.au client service officer/worker is the job tittle look in all states.
  5. hey guys i gots a great job around the 80k a year and really easy to boot. i work in a detention centre with all the boat people. mate there is that much work here we pay people to train for the job. only issuse is the remote locations are the only ones short people. so if you wanna travel give it a look up
  6. Tuners

    Ok Does anyone really tune a car well in darwin???? RB25 With Power FC currently tuned on dyno with knock of about 10 but on the road knock reads over 100. My people down south tell me get it tuned by the best (they need knock muffs) Will pay cash no problems But want a top job. It cant be tuned in 45 mins and charge me over $500 thats not good work
  7. So the guy who rolled it...

    sorry cant FB on me work comp!!
  8. So the guy who rolled it...

    the oil come from the EB in front of him as they went to drag race gods truth officer
  9. So the guy who rolled it...

    lol so old mate here wont be drivin an import when he gets his back coz u dont think the cops are goin to let this go
  10. So the guy who rolled it...

    dont the new laws there stop P platers from drivin turbo import cars??? big thanks for that one to mate!!!!!
  11. So the guy who rolled it...

    lmfao just a couple of things 1. in a silvia yes, thinks he can drift yes, back end stops out and hits brakes!!!!! yeah eveything in drift school tells ya to do that (fail) 2. why drive ya mates car at a cruise in the wet if ya not there to try and show off. (fail) 3. wet and windy coz that gives you another reason to try and drift. (fail) 4. P's or L's it dont matter when ya heads the size of the good year blimp, rollin in ya mates turbo!!!!! even worse if it's N/A 5. it felt difficult to steer. well y drive it ya knob. to end it's these people that kill the car scene oh and big out's to the winner in his EB (fail)

    ill give it a go but you all know his shop is NEVER open !!
  13. Looking for rolling import shell Manuel would be handy