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  1. What happened to hip hop/rap?

    the R.E.D album is prime time.
  2. The Racist thread

    ummm....aren't you a criminal who got deported from the US? f**k off back there. oh, you can't because you're a criminal. and to the rest of you racist lil, self entitled bitches, eat a dick and wallow in your own ignorance.
  3. Taxi rip offs in Brisbane

    what a bunch of precious lil bitches. pay the fare and shut the f**k up. how much do you get paid an hour? i worked as a cabbie for 2 years and averaged $15/hour for driving you mofos around @ 3am. what? what?
  4. Kid jailed for trolling?

    you are a douchebag.
  5. Libya

    oh yeah. like im going to trust a libyan minister. a few days they said that one of Gaddafi adopted daughters was killed in the air strikes. however, as it turned out, the girl was made up. she never existed. i think you will find that, that was in 1986. she wasn't made up...your info is just 25years old
  6. *some pictures of things*

    went on a mission to the ghetto, outside of the city yesterday. was awesome!
  7. leaders are for people who need to be led....
  8. Power chip HAHAHAHA

    you were too retarded to even remember if it was the same guy. get off your high horse, i remember the non-stop dumb shit you use to post......and evidently still do.

    definition of naive ^^^^ "vote for the other side" australians don't know how good they have it. taxes pay for all the shit you take for granted.
  10. Ugly S15

    .. ._.? like the s15 is a beautiful car. groupies......
  11. Ugly S15

    i like it. looks better than the standard front end....a black one with nice wheels would be killer.
  12. *some pictures of things*

    taken @ the Harbin Ice Festival. so f**king impressive.
  13. Black Swan

    maybe if you had ever tried to achieve perfection in an aspect of your life you would identify with it. if you're a middle of the road person, this movie will go straight over your head.
  14. Egypt: Revolution 2.0

    that was in tunisia.
  15. US Targets 1 million EV's

    or how about an EV using solar panels, wind turbines, regenerative braking and copper coils inside the wheel hubs? might not be able to drive 150km/h but who needs to do that anyway? the technology already exists, we just need to utilise it. cars might look a bit dorky, but really, flashy cars are for nerds and tryhards.