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  1. Jasinex's JDM S15

    I built this s15. It was a standard JDM Spec r with the only option being a sunroof. Now it's a full L-package with complete lower dash and all trims. It also used to have the factory aero ducktail which Looking back I think suits the car more I sourced the dash from japan, and turns out a company in Taiwan was making direct replacement screens for Xanavi equipped cars.. R34, s15's, etc. it included a motor and everything. The car used to have more factory options such as extremely rare sunroof visor , and bonnet protector, plus bootlid garnish but all got obliterated in a hail storm It's still probs one of the most factory equipped s15's going around, and the only with a working slave LCD screen that allows for reverse camera, or any other input to go into it
  2. Nissan S15 Pictures ONLY - No Discussion

    In no way does that look like an Aero, where are the side vents? It's a WiseSquare front bumper.
  3. Tie-rod end? My s15 had it on the drivers side, swapped my HKS coilovers for Nismo R-tune coilovers, was still there. I assume it was a tie-rod end or maybe because my car was so low it the shock was just hitting it's limits. Could it be an engine mount? Maybe you have torn the front of your car? s-chassis are notorious for it. especially when running coilovers, ragardless of the spring rate, if you run them too low there is no movement and without fender braces you can start to do real damage when tracking or just driving hard. Also I would diagnose the problem myself, mechanics will just trial and error the same way you would. Costing heaps of labour, plus they will be driving your car heaps.s
  4. My 1999 S15

    wheels should be bronze! will tie in well with amber OEM lights too nuts color!
  5. Octane boosters

    He isn't being cheap, he can only access 91. I run octane booster, mainly notice it in laggy cars, or small NA 4cyl's. Alot more torquey and responsive. I would get your car tuned to 91, as using octane booster + 91 will be damn expensive. If you do though, try mix up a better ratio. Instead of the 1 bottle for 60 litres, change it to one bottle to 45-50 litres. You can't really go wrong when running higher octanes. It's going lower that causes issues.
  6. S15 Steering Wheel.

    How about sell the s15 and buy a car that's suited to you. 6'5 must look pretty funny in a tiny s15
  7. buying coilovers

    I bought Nismo R-tune Adjustible coilovers off YJ, cost 500 to my door, were mint, even came with Nismo C-spanners and allan keys for camber tops. This was only a few months ago too. was so surprised no one else bidded on them. hands down best coilovers I have had. Nismo badging everywhere too ... previously had HKS Hypermax, and BC's
  8. What side skirts do I have?

    ^ way different to OEM skirts man. I'd assume they are trial man
  9. s15 dent repair

    Lolwut. panel beaters matching pearl white? youmean painters? This situation is pretty messed man.. even if they get the colour right (which is hard being a 3 layer) then over time the other panel colors will fade/age more, and the painted door will look alot fresher. blended panels are horrible, ever looked down the side? it's really powdery. I am a panel beater/spray painter. so take my word for it, just get it through insurance so you have the 6-7 year guarantee. I would, I mean with bog in your door and blends start to peel after time.
  10. good to see there is alot of zenki love Loz- will this remain street registered??
  11. Considered going back to s14 front? I love it, although i would prefer it if you ran 17/18's we use matt clear at work, but i have never heard of people doing it with a pearl, pretty genious idea
  12. s15's about to depreciate?

    I already sold my s15 man, great car, just was getting annoying noticing damaged trims, and trying to find parts 2nd hand because nissan discontinued them. No i am not calling anyone here an idiot. But you cannot deny that so many people who don't even care for cars want Yes the boxer isn't the best engine, but they have spent alot of time getting this one right, it is meant to rev alot higher too. You cannot talk about reliability of adding a turbo, with s5's everyone upgrades the turbo, add's front mount intercoolers. It's basically the same thing. Except i think this will actually have a good gearbox compared to the s15 As for looks, the ass on s15's are really starting to look aged. they are like a square box. to the same extent as an r34 really.
  13. s15's about to depreciate?

    Yes, but this is pretty is the closet thing to an s15. It is the first wedge shape, rwd, cheap 4-banger since. None of this bubble shaped v35/g35 shit. The s15 hasn't held it's value due to the enthusiast, it is because every idiot wants one. it's just the only good looking available coupe that appeals to young people. I think when the ft86 is released the majority of these people will want that. just leaving the few die-hards wanting the aged s15. Plus insurance on these will be far cheaper being aus delivered, and so on. How is strapping a turbo to a NA engine a bad idea? That's old school thinking,. there are so many good tuners nowadays. Plus, you could just swap out the engine for a low comp one? You are probably right though, $30,000+ will probably be the sale price.
  14. s15's about to depreciate?

    Less modifying potential? It has a boxer engine.. Think of all the boxer swaps available! all the cheap twin-scroll turbo's at the wreckers which are far superior to a t28bb. I was skeptical of it being below 30grand, but it looks to be heading that way. a fraction dearer then a corolla is what they've said. Everything is optional though. aircon and so on. So that is going to help with the cheap cost aswel. It's built to be the successor to the AE86, and they've spent 5 years making this car. I can't see it being anything short of a success
  15. Does anyone think the new toyota ft86 is going to kill the s15 resale value? Now i may be trying to justify the sale of my s15, but I thought I'd see what the rest of you think. The pro's are -Toyota finance (so much easier to get approved, better interest rate, longer term etc. -New car warranty -It's a new car -Probabbly going to be a better chassis then the s15 -MASSIVE aftermarket support.. the boxer engine alone already has so much support (It's released all over the world like the EG civic, later model evo's and sti's, just jump on ebay and it's flooded with parts) -And last of all it's a Naturally aspirated RWD car priced at around $25,000. Every P-plater will want one which means there will be so many sales, which will then depreciate the cost of the ft86 itself, say you can find one for $20,000 a year after realease. Every other import coupe already in australia would have already considerably dropped in price. I just can't see people spending the money kind of money on s15's and so on when for a few grand more you get a better car, with it's glory years ahead of it. I got sick of finding out parts had been discontinued in the s15, or trying to find new interior trims because they've just aged. What do ya'll think?