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  1. surely this isnt much of a problem unless your a small women or anorexic male. Lol im not anorexic nor a small women, but if you drop it you wont be able to get it back up without help. also, if your engine dies on a hill youre pretty screwed, this was my worst nightmare and happened to me once. but it depends on the weight and size. I want this bike, black with gold writing. Sex This almost happened to me yesterday, thank god i straightened up. Does anyone here have a Yamaha R1? I was close to one yesterday at the lights. He gunned it so fast at the green that he did a mono and left me in the dust, although i left the ninjas and cbrs behind me in the dust
  2. The more cc's you get the heavier the bike is likely to be, so if your engine dies one day or you drop it, it will be difficult to get it up again, or wheel around while not running.. Ive had my L's for about 4 months now, cant be bothered going for my p's yet, but i had a ninja 250 which was okay. I got over it and now have a Honda RVF400, which is basically one of the fastest imported LAMS bikes around. Its a sportsbike though, so the risk is greater. Money wise, you dont need to spend much an a bike. If you have something greater than 600 cc's you will beat almost every modified car on the road and have ridiculous power. My L plater legal 400 supposedly does 0-100 in less than 5 seconds. CB or even VTR250s are nice if theyre what you're looking for, and theyll be really good to learn on. If youre big, you'll want more power after a month or two though, depending on how much you ride.
  3. Earphones

    I prefer these - http://www.jbhifionline.com.au/ipod-mp3-portables/mp3-players/sony-nwzw202b-2gb-mp3-walkman-black/436252 No wires, they just go around your head. Plus, waterproof and 3 mins charge = 90 mins playback
  4. R.I.P Zyzz

    LOL i felt sorry for him he was apparently dux at his school and everything too
  5. $55,100 for an R35

    thats heaps lucky, so cheap in the us!!
  6. i knew a guy that had chrones disease, sounds very similar
  7. Ok ive got a type x and ive recently taken it to a performance shop to have the brakes changed over from s13 to s15 brakes. im lucky i did, because whoever i bought the brakes off was a dumbass and didnt take them off the s15 properly. the s15 ABS was ruined so the shop drilled the s15 holes so that my s13 abs would fit with the brakes. But since receiving it back ive noticed a few problems and i was hoping that someone could point me in the right direction: when the car is idling (never when driving) i now have 2 issues. If im idling and my foot is off the clutch, the cars engine makes a louder sound than when my foot is on the clutch ( like a rumbling, grinding sound, but its almost background noise). Also, randomly i get a noise like a raspy scratching from behind my air con vents but it quickly goes away...only to come back. I did have them service my car and fix two oil leaks, so this could be the source of the problem. When i brake hard (going over 50km/h) it is louder than usual. sometimes i think its almost like an aircraft landing. Also, my brake seems deeper - less responsive than the old brakes. its like i have to push the pedal down a bit harder than i used to to stop quicker. Why is this? im not sure if the BMC was changed or not, would this affect the conversion? headlights - upon trying to change one of my bulbs, i discover that two of the screws holding the headlight bracket in place have been corroded and the screw heads are destroyed. i can only assume that i have to drill them out. Can anyone point me int he right direction as to what the source of these issues could be. im taking it back to the workshop tomorrow to see what they can do.
  8. Brake lines were ntact but the s15 abs had been corroded and torn straight off. I did a google search and read about the throw out bearing, with the ar con sound my air con does have a leak but its never actually on, thesound has been occuring ever since ive bought the car and ive cleaned everywhere. They are neew rear discs and new rear pads, but te sound seems like its coming from the front, ill leave it for a while to be sure. The shop did everything incl brakes, new rotors and pads, service, fixing power steering rack and gearbox (major) leaks. There were no sounds or faults besides two oil leaks before i had all of this done, but im not blaming them, just want them to fix the problems. thanks for the help!
  9. ^ very true, however i was at work and do use caps all day, so my apologies sir
  10. Job Search Tips

    If you have experience in business/admin, i would recommend HAYS recruitment. They did a good job for me. Also, Talon recruitment are excellent, but they look for very specific people.
  11. Tomb Raider

    Looks good, but i was never into tomb raider
  12. Ryan Dunn dead

    RIP but driving while drunk is a stupid thing to do, esp if twice the legal limit
  13. Fav old school game

    Guys that played Xcom: Apocalypse. I have it on CD Rom. Everytime i play it i get up to a certain point then i build the mad fighter jet, but aliens literally crap on me and the game gets too hard WTF then all of the factions turn against me and i eventually lose out. I read somewhere that the games difficulty changes according to wha you have in it but damn!
  14. Old School BMX

    i used to want a 600$ bmx then i got over it, my cousin had a mad mongoose opne and used to buy/steal parts and everything. i guess once u start driving bikes go down the drain
  15. Phuket/Thailand

    only bad thing ive heard about thailand is the jet ski scams
  16. LOL he'll be subject to a muslim attack shortly i rekon
  17. Aquarium Chat Thread

    once i went out and bought 20 small neon fish. my goldfish ate them. never again.
  18. i would definitely buy one
  19. MMORPG

    I played a game called shattered galaxy for ages. Like C&C but MMORPG and only 6 or 7 units in battle at a time (but huge forces against each other, like 10 people each team)
  20. Fav old school game

    Final Fantasy 7. I mastered EVERYTHING about that game
  22. s16 silvia chop

    it looks nice, but should be smaller and sleeker than the g37. the shape reminds me of the s15 with a few more lines in it. what will the back look like?
  23. LinkedIn

    My big bro reckons you needs to have a linked in account if you work in the it industry. i dont know why. apparently everyones on it
  24. Appropriate footwear

    i wear flat rabens but theyre very flat, almost too flat, does having better shoes really help you with weight training? ive seen some barefoot guys before at my gym
  25. i saw a guy wearing a belt while he was doing a seated military press. Is that normal?