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  1. the link i posted at $65 cheaper and i know that they are good since i have a set of the 660cc myself the price you posted is just a list of starting prices, the ones i posted start at 99c and i have seen them go alot cheaper then $265(that just happen to be the last auction that ended). Also there not $65 dollars cheaper once you factor in postage from usa Also the ones i linked are suppose to be made by jecs(who make oem nissan injectors) and are brand new, as opposed to refurbished. not saying the ones you got are bad or anything, im just curious if these ones are any good
  2. sorry to hijack, but does anyone know if these are any good? http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/660cc-INJECTORS-WRX-SR20DET-180SX-S13-S14-S15-/110773382131?pt=AU_Car_Parts_Accessories&hash=item19ca9babf3#ht_3408wt_1139
  3. hey what colours do the 16x8 4x114.3 rota grid classics come in? and how much do they weigh? and is there any plan to make them in a wider size like 16x9? (preferably with a +20 offset) cheers
  4. Rota Wheels Australia

    Hey, just have a question regarding future productions. Do you know if rota RB-W (aka RKR) or 'Grid Classic's' will be coming in a 16inch wheel? preferable 8-9" wide and 4x114.3 cheers
  5. ^ as above, make sure pulley is bolted on correct way
  6. Catalytic Converter

    this should answer your question no cat = illegal
  7. When at just jap i was told not get RM(inverted) for street use since they'll develop a knock or something, they didnt now why but?
  8. Rare red speckle top sr20?

    i like how he says he's 'driven a few in his time and this ones crazy' in comparison haha im pretty sure he's driven a stock s13 before and now this one has a t28....of course its going to be faster, doesnt mean it has a stroker kit
  9. Alright, was thinking they most likely would be the same since pretty much all s14/s15 parts are. and as long as the hose are the same diameter hopefully it goes on smoothly thanks for you help
  10. ok thanks heaps, so it can be done just takes a little bit of fiddling. Does the stock s13 hoses all fit on to the s15 pump? And just to confirm, is the s14 and s15 pumps exactly the same? as i wasnt able to get a straight answer when i initially researched.
  11. Hey Power steering pump has gone bust on my sr20de s13 and have been offered a s15 pump. Did some searching and mostly found questions regarding ka pump on sr20, however did see one page that said s14 pump can be made to fit by changing both pulley and mounting plate. So just want to know whether s15 steering pump can fit? and if so what is required? cheers
  12. Not getting sore...?

    You shouldnt be spending as much time on fly's as you do bench and are you really at such an advanced level that you have to hit your chest at three different angles
  13. Shit talkers' thread

    Back when I was on my p's one of my friends used to constantly tell me how his 1.5L charade would beat my sr20de s13 because it had a catback exhaust, pod filter and worst of all lightened flywheel...
  14. P90X

    lol anything would work with strict dieting
  15. power 2 weight ratios

    i get the feeling maths isnt your strong point power to weight ratio is simply power divided by weight eg1: 100kw/1000kg = 0.1 meaning every 1kg is powered by 0.1kw eg2. 100kw/900kg = 0.111 this now mean every kg is powered by 0.111kw's so obviously with the reduced weight of the car, the power to weight ratio has increased