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  1. cheap tires

    What size are you after? I have a set of 225/40R18 Achilles ATR Sports for sale
  2. Custom spacers

    BSA make custom wheel spacers
  3. Photoshop help.

    The image isn't working for me?
  4. Clutch Replacement Ideas!

    I have a Nismo clutch for sale
  5. Tyre Review thread.

    The Nexen delam pretty easy, as a steer they will be fine though. The N3000 are shit, the N6000 aren't too bad, the N8000 are really good.
  6. S14 sr won't rev past 5k

    Is your intercooler piping all nice and tight?
  7. Where do people get their tyres?

    Unfortunately I can't, but your best bet in the ACT will be either Jax Belconnen or Tyres & More Fyshwick.
  8. Where do people get their tyres?

    I get mine from work, since I work for a tyre wholesaler, at cost ftw
  9. things that annoy you

    When your driving home from work and a tree jumps out & attacks you
  10. buying car interstate

    You probably need to check with your local RAAC
  11. Love the fitment on that orange 14, I think I'll go the same, but with smaller tyres
  12. I'd go, but it's a little far for me
  13. What Offset? - The Complete Wheel Guide

    There's a pic on JDMST, I'll try & find it for you. Or you can just google S15 18x9.5 +20 I'm sure there will be plenty of examples
  14. What Offset? - The Complete Wheel Guide

    18x9.5 +20's all round will fit but you might need 5mm slip on spacers for the front. A friend of mine has that set-up with the Grid's on his S15
  15. Muski's Rocketbunny S14

    I didn't think the Go-Pro could take fish-eye style pics, nice!