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  1. Been to 6 servos all of which are dry as the desert I cant find 98 anywhere... Anyone know when v-power is coming back??? Theres no damn way im putting 91 octane in my car If anyone knows where there is some let us know cheers
  2. Drift Australia - Music Video Mix of Saturday

    Just for the record the red fc at the end didnt die ignition switch wire came off
  3. S15 Dash Screen

    Wow i never knew they were electronic- thats badass In saying that there is a way to solder a rca (yellow video plug) to the screen- its a wire behind the radio somewhere that you tap inot and plug in a console or dvd player- ask some of the guys on here that have the screens-just search and you should find some threads dont bother with getting the satnav to work in aus- no good has come from it- lives have been wasted trying
  4. mad hobo videos

    hahaha got a link to that dude sounds solid
  5. Mystery Drift Project

    Ok guys i know the owner and the plans of the car, wait till you see it done- nothing wrong with a sneak peek you will see how much works gone into it soon enough And sticker dude
  6. Mystery Drift Project

    Keep in mind this is a sneak peek I have seen the plans for the car -not just another r33 here Keep an eye out for when this hits the track guys
  7. Mystery Drift Project

    Have a closer look
  8. Mystery Drift Project

    Thought id post up a pic of a bunch of phycos building a drift car This is looking to be a wild drift car and i hope the owner doesnt see the pic posted but thought id post it up for everyone to have a look see

    +1 for breaking teh foot in there asses I sent them a nice message too through there website Biggest bit of misinformation ive ever seen broadcast- they delieberatly tried to make it look like it was local too what assfkers Even a 12 year old kid could tell that was a japanese mountain road- BUT if there extensive investigation leads them to find a road as good as yet locally- sign me up scotty
  10. Bankstown Police New Car

    Oh guys burwood (i think burwood) have a red alfa romeo GT all stickered up just the same- saw that like a year ago I though the govt had to buy aussie cars - watch them have lambos and shit next year mofos
  11. Barn full of old cars

    Thats fkn rediculously awesome but just one thing bothered me If it has been untouched for 15 years wouldnt all the tires be flat as tacs?? most of them look fine And i dont think the new dude woulda pumped them up - if he had gone to that much trouble 4 wheels for each car (ie thats all hes doing for a week) he woulda washed them too
  12. Pioneer AVH-P5750DVD

    Dont go it-its there cheapest one and looks cheap in an s15 put a bit more down and get the alpine one of ebay for like $1300 it matches the s15 interior too looks ace
  13. Rear ABS sensor 180sx Type X

    yeah same exact issue with my type x- will the abs function correctly without that sensor connected?
  14. Awesome prices- will want to order a fair few bits off you- can i leave a deposit or need full ammount- my new car is still on the boat is all Also would you know if youre tie rod ends will suit ikeya formula tie rods- so are they same thread as stock?
  15. hey guys got a 91 180sx non abs viscous lsd and i need to get it out and put it into a cefiro are they halfshafts 5 or 6 bolt so i know what to source i cant check as the car is not with me if anyone know for sure would be really apreciated CHEEERS