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    i think there is one in Koriyama...

    Travel Insurance Direct for me...

    Jetstar are having a sale on flights to Japan....

    Weather is cooler in November... pissed with rain the entire day with thick fog during G1 GP last year.... other days its nice with jeans and tee shirt.... by 4pm tho is freezing!!! like ice winds... SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. ADGP Round3 Feedback

    How can you ban re-runs though? I dont find that fair because if neither car does anything wrong and both smash out 2 awesome runs, how do you honestly and un-biasly decide who should advance? Also, as it was suggested on the day, a hot pit closer to/ out on/near the course could avoid having downtime while people need to change their tires.... I personally would like to see over-taking while under drift and both cars still on the course penalised. There was an overtake during one of the battles where the lead car was under drift and still on the actual course, he had just run slightly wide and the chase car overtook him and got handed the win. That to me does not demonstrate you being a better driver....the chase car should have come up and sat on the lead cars door to showcase his better chasing ability as well as proximity and emulation. My 2 cents...
  6. ADGP Round3 Feedback

    Awesome event! Was great to see a decent size crowd at Mallala and hopefully it grows and grows for the next event! Loved the new track layout - well done for trying something different. Made me want to get out there and drive it! (might have to "accidently" give it a go at next drift prac! haha) The tire wall was better than having them staggered like they are at every other drift event at Mallala You need a better way of marking the clipping points - maybe for the inner clip points a flag arrangement of some sort? marking out the course clearly like others have suggested would be good - a Mallala issue i know... I know its hard, but i would try and make sure the commentator knows what they are talking about before announcing it to the crowd. Multiple times the announcer would call a prac run as a judged run and confuse the crowd. As always, not everyone will agreed with the judging decisions. Maybe if its down to a really close, 'hard to pick' run the person radioing the winner to the announcer could give a really quick reason why that specific person advanced? There will always be down time, its unavoidable, but I think you sending out the buddy drift while we were waiting for Fink's car to be fixed was a very smart, quick thinking move. Kept the crowd happy. The facebook updates along with the pictures of who vs who was a great idea. For people who dont know the drivers it was a great way for them to identify who they were watching. Overall WELL DONE to you and your team and everyone that made the event happen. Loved it!

    Hands up for all the other chicks heading over I know there is me, Cat, Kimmy and Stacey.... who else? I have a 180 to skid thanks to Christian. Super excited!!
  8. I have a feeling it will be Kuma and Suenaga in the finals.... having said that, i am excited to see all of them drive. Going to be a damn good comp!!
  9. im a beginner and i used one pair of second handies at Broadbent's private day and i was out almost the whole time. Same for Matsuri the next day - 1 pair of second handies the whole day i was running 30 - 32 psi in the rears and 30 on the fronts and my car has 169rwkw should be a good event.. any idea on who the instructors are for this year?
  10. 2012 summer matsuri

    had a great day. loads of track time and heaps of laps. car ran mint all day long. cant wait to get back out there! Watching Christian do entries into turn 1 was awesome, including his tandems with Jarrad and also Cece and Tom Monk! Hopefully the Matsuris are here to stay and happen more often =)
  11. Hot chicks - driving imports

    that would be great Jenna! Get Simon onto it! Thank you btw.... Japan was the most fun i've had driving...mainly because of how quickly i got off the skid pan and onto an actual track....i just want the next prac here to hurry up! hahahaha
  12. speaking of.... i was parked next to this the other day at Hazelwood Park...
  13. Hot chicks - driving imports

    there are quite a few girls genuinely into imports... maybe they just dont want to be found by 90% people on here. i dont ever feel the need to justify myself and my interest for cars/ drifting etc Khali... ill be out at the next drift prac and more than likely Matsuri now my 180 is here... very keen to attempt lala after Japan! see you there
  14. Autumn (November) Ebisu Drift Matsuri

    loved the vid Josh!! i even spotted myself in there on driftland hehehe