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  1. And would be a hit with the ladies. Yes do that.
  2. Get arm lengthening surgery. Or leg shortening surgery.
  3. Havent got pics at the moment but most of my cups have come from pubs and a few big beer steins I MADE A DIFFERENCE ON NS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. That's a different one again Should just change this into a show us ya weird cup thread
  5. were they orignially jam jars? the chances of me getting a set are pretty slim isnt it! Im not sure about those ones I was referring to another type of glass that everyone seems to have at least one of. From memory they were cottees jam jars that once finished could be used as a glass. excuse the milk Lol yeah we had them growing up as well. Still have some today
  6. Bein blind drunk and falling backwards past out mid doggy style.
  7. Tyres! Federal 595rs-r

    I have owned them/drove on them. In comparison to other brands they are way worse than the Dunlop Sport Maxx GT.
  8. Tyres! Federal 595rs-r

    I have found that tyres are like hookers, you wanna get herpies? Get a cheap hooker. You get you what pay for. 7 years selling tyres and nothing annoys me more when people want cheap shitty tyres and then complain when they are shithouse or they blow up killing an intire family of refugees. Cant understand how people cheap out on tyres, you can have what ever the hell you want done to your car but if you have a shit pair of tyres your car will still have aids. And no-one wants aids.
  9. The Maroon Menace. 455kw monsta!

    Hurry up and do a skid.
  10. MMA chat

    Haha the sport needs the likes of the Diaz brothers and even Sonnen they boost ratings and makes it fairly interesting. You could tell Benson getting annoyed with it all which was Nate gameplay. As long as they show good sportsman ship at the end of it all then all's fair
  11. MMA chat

    Looking forward to watching Rory McDonald fight BJ