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  1. FI help

    hey guys im going into the military and once i get in im going to by a present for myself (a nice 03-04 z along with a "few" mods). im wanting to go down the FI path and i want to do it right the first time what are your suggestions. (im looking at the APS twin turbo kit this is basically the kit that im going to get) what are a few basic supporting mods that you guys would suggest i.e engine internals. aside from the turbo kit itself im looking to spend an additional grand or so. APS tubor kit Cheers dB
  2. Engine help

    vacuum leak possibly or a fuel problem possibly maybe even a worn motor mount
  3. hey guys i hate to thread jack but i looked into the link but im still unsure as to what offset actually is? i understand rims and tires (its part of my job), but this is one thing that i still fail to understand Cheers dB
  4. hey guys its always been a passion of mine to drive a stick shift. do you guys have any suggestion on how to get this going im currently trying to get a friend to teach me, (oh the humanity) and i currently do not have a stick shift car. do you guys have any light on how i am to go about this they have online simulators which are a crock because its all about feel any suggestions? Cheers dB

    it might be the turbo itself, or the fact that you havent done anything to the car(more so this answer). this is a golden rule for everybody you get what you pay for you buy cheap you get (90% of the time) a crap product with no on the car life at all. reason i say it might be the turbo is because i have the larger 3037s HKS turbo and i hit full boost at around 3800-4000rpm. my advise to you go and return that turbo and whatever else you bought, get your money back if you still can and wait until you can mod your car the right way. im not flaming, just a rant style suggestion
  6. thanks alot guys it really did help 372rwkw is about 500hp which was what i thought i wanted then i started reading on, and found out its more about power to weight. yet i still want to be somewhere in the 275-300rwkw range that way i will have monster power on tap but not suck up all the gas. im looking for an all-around car. one that i can take to the track open up on the hwy and be comfortable in (mind you i used to drag race at the track as a kid so im used to the rough) thanks for all the input
  7. what injectors would you suggest that are at least 850's (and could you possibly tell me the difference in low impendence and high i know what the literal meaning is but what does this have to do with the way the injector flows?) Why do you need to have 850cc injectors? Planning to run E85? What sort of power are you chasing? If your not planning to run E85, then 740 injectors should have enough flow to support your current mod list. I would run with either Tomeis or Nismos. If you do 'have' to run 850s then look into power enterprise, they are pretty good and well priced. I'd also add a Nismo adjustable fuel pressure reg to your list, a Kelway steampipe manifold and consider going external gate with a Tial MVS 38mm gate. If you don't want to go down this path, then the steam pipe manifold is optional, but worth the money. Also, a must with big power/dollar builds is the trusty old oil pressure guage. And maybe a surge tank setup if your looking to do track days. im looking for about 372rwkw i want some serious power and the reason i thought i wanted to run 850's was because i would be 100% certain that i wouldnt max them out going WOT
  8. thats good to know, thank you for that. it was next on my list to buy what injectors would you suggest that are at least 850's (and could you possibly tell me the difference in low impendence and high i know what the literal meaning is but what does this have to do with the way the injector flows?)
  9. thanks for the info not just you but everybody (i dont plan on keeping the turbo its prob not even going on the car i want to swap it for a GT3071) bought cam gears RAS and looking for a fuel pump
  10. Smoke on Decel

    it could be a number of things the easiest thing to check would be to see if you have bad valve guides or bad rings for valve guides: 1. turn car on a. if car emits blue smoke its an oil problem b. if the car smokes and doesnt clear up its most likely bad piston rings c. if she smoke clears a few seconds after starting its most likely a valve problem
  11. hks step II 12mm lift 264 duration basic mid-high range cams
  12. hey guys im starting to collect parts for the s15 i will soon have they go as follows Hks 3037s turbo kit sard 850 injectors (whats the difference in the low imp and high) AEM EMS boost guage turbo timer cams FMIC buddy club spec 3 exhaust w/ test pipe is there anything else that your guys would suggest to go with the turbo kit as far as maxing out the system for all that its worth aside from just tearing apart the block:whistle:? cheers dB
  13. PFC vs NISTune

    hey guys i hate to thread jack, but since we are the subject of ecu's. does anybody have a view on the AEM EMS? Cheers dB