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  1. Heading over to Hong Kong in a few days and just wondering on other members experiences. Any must see things to do or buy, where to eat etc. Planning to go to disneyland and watch the lightshows so far but haven't got that much more planned so any recommendations would be great. Thinking about buying a watch, sunglasses and shoes but not too sure where to go and how much I should be paying..
  2. iphone 5

    I heard Optus told their staff they were expecting to start selling them late October/early December..
  3. Internet connection has always been intermittent over the past 5 years or so. For months it will work perfectly and then randomly it will drop out and the phone line will also become unuseable occasionally. Resetting the modem helps sometimes but lately it has just said that the DNS server is down and resetting does nothing. Have had 4 different modems over the years and the problem has been the same. Also been with two different providers and no difference. Currently with iinet. Also when the internet is playing up, if we recieve a phone call it goes down for a solid half an hour. Thinking it may have something to do with the quality of the phone line in our house, or maybe even the line in the street? Anyone ever experienced anything like this before? And do I just call iinet and get them to check the phone line or is that telstra's job?
  4. Jack3d

    just saying jack3d may not be all that healthy... heard some stories of people who were on it like it messed up one guys hormonal levels for a month after not taking it and he couldnt get it up for that long
  5. wars generate a lot of money. actually a war is probably the only thing that could save america's economy now But aren't the americans againts war at the moment? Not too sure Obama wants another war when theres already two they have yet to end and his people already wanting it to stop. not really a large scale war though. afghanistan is just draining resources and public opinion. but the US's economy is f**ked and being bent over by china who hold a LOT of power over the US through foreign bonds so they need to do something drastic
  6. wars generate a lot of money. actually a war is probably the only thing that could save america's economy now
  7. I banged my ex in the back of my s13... passenger seat forward. Luckily shes about the size of a 15yo asian girl otherwise I cant see how it would be possible Was she a 15 yo asian girl? Also 18 in a cold shower..
  8. Dubstep? Drum N Bass? Anyone into it?

    stanton warriors - shoot me down
  9. What headphone do you use?

    the $30 skullcandys and cygnett earphones are on sale for $9 at harvey norman now.. just got a pair of cygnett's to try and they're pretty good. 2 year warranty as well
  10. What song do you use for a ringtone?

    Grits - My life be like
  11. Fast and Furious 6 release

    First one and Fourth one were the best IMO. Tokyo drift could have been way better
  12. that pocket configuration is where its at +2 also I lick my chips before I eat them, specially cheese supreme dorritos...weirds people the f**k out hahaha i lick my chips too my pocket configuration is phone in right front keys in left front wallet in right rear coz im different finally a man with sense!
  13. Jersey Shore

    gossip girl is gonna come up next..
  14. that pocket configuration is where its at but but but.. PHONE GOES RIGHT!