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  1. Hey guys, I used to be heaps into photography, Only have a Point and Shoot Samsung ST550 @ the moment ,but lookin @ getting a D90. All these photos are taken, compressed then edited in iphoto... Give me your thoughts!
  2. hi all from Russia

    HOLY... FKN... SHIT...
  3. Kim's S13

    holy shit, that is one of the sexiest s13's ive seen in a long time. good work on the mods etc. its perfect low and the offset is awesome. if you need any parts/organizing couriering from SA, i might be able to help out. i lived in Upper Swan for the good part of 6 months while tuning my supra and i know how hard finding some bit and pieces over that side of the country is www.japaneseimportspares.com.au is the way good luck, she looks fantastic!
  4. 1989 Mitsubishi Minica Dangan ZZ

    Hell yea! Forgot to mention... 600kg kerb weight. f**k yeaaa
  5. Hey guys, Been lurking around these parts for the good part of 5+ years Had a few accounts, just recently decided to start posting again Anyway, thought some people might like to see my current thrasher/daily/fuel economic beast hahaha Specs are: 550cc 5 Valve 3G81 Turbo. Coilover suspension 5spd Manual $30 to the tank, 350km off a tank. About 57kw @ the fronts. Rev's to 10k.
  6. Hardtuned.net CHARITY CRUISE

    Yea dude, 350 is sooooo tuff... wish id got to jbhifi earlier to take actual pics instead of snapping photos through the windscreen... next cruise ill come and do a mass shoot, loving this new camera.
  7. Hardtuned.net CHARITY CRUISE

    Hey guys, Good cruise today. Enjoyed tagging along booting in my mates little G11 Charade Turbo! hahaha.. Havent been on one since back in 2006 in my old JZA70.. Heres some pics for you guys , Just playing with my new camera!