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  1. Go to Thailand!! 25 -30 bucks Diesel jeans!! (Fake) just as good quality as the ones I used to get in Chapel st etc...which were $160 - $200!!
  2. The NEW GTR

    What are the quarter mile times or 0 - 100km/h from factory???
  3. S15, Thinking of selling...

    Yeah, Thats why im up so late...On holidays and Im geting married on Saturday. Very nervous...
  4. S15, Thinking of selling...

    I know....Maybe Im just getting old (26 Today).....
  5. S15, Thinking of selling...

    I know my mate has a VX SS auto and it feels quicker but it probably would do the same times as mine.....
  6. S15, Thinking of selling...

    Yeah I know I will test drive one soon...Its just the torque and the sound of the V8s....
  7. As title and topic description says im thinking of selling my beloved S15 for a 6.0l 6spd ute or a manaro...(has to be fully worked and run 11 or 12s)....but ive never driven one and I know they are really heavy and wont be as nimble to drive.....What do you guys think? Keep the S15 and spend the money on that or go for the worked 6l... Ive had my S15 for almost 4 years and thinking of a change but still not sure as I love the look and fun of driving the turbo.....what do you guys think?
  8. New Clutch For S15?

    Should I get a 5 puk button or a Heavy Duty Cushion Button clutch? just need opinions before I buy...Thanks guys
  9. New Clutch For S15?

    So would I be looking at $670 + installation? Where would I get the flywheel machined in melb?
  10. New Clutch For S15?

    yeah, also confused about a 'button clutch' What should I pay for an exedy HD clutch for an S15?? Whats the deal with the flywheel Does it need to be machined or replaced? Autobarn wanted around $1400 with flywheel but there is clutch kits for around $500 without flywheel...just very confused....
  11. Hey guys I have an S15 with full 3inch exhaust Intercooler and a little boost. My clutch is pretty much dead and need a replacement.... looking at exedy HD or 5 puk, needs to be everyday street drivable and the occasional drag / track day. Does the flywheel need to be machined? Im on a budget and need some recommendations as a stock one (after market) will set me back around $400 but want something a little better. Anyone with some advice??? Thanks, Shaun.
  12. FORZA 2 IS OUT

    Im holding out until the ps3 price drops a little......but this game makes the 360 so tempting......
  13. Thinking of re-locating the battery to the boot (sealed somehow) FMIC going in shortly and dont want a pissy little one coz I have a decent audio set up...just wondering what costs would be involved excluding battery cost? Thanks.
  14. Battery and FMIC...

    Really need the size of the battery so I can take it when I get my FMIC installed....anyone?
  15. Battery and FMIC...

    what size do I need tho?