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  1. PS4

    Many fast Much quick Lots speed
  2. Fallout 4

    Also there is this site that was launched\ http://thesurvivor2299.com/ Morse code = 11.12.13
  3. PS4

    Ripped from a reddit post. given a failure rate of 0.4%, this means we'll see 4000 defective units and 996000 fully functioning units. Some context: At launch, PS3 sold 0.19M in 2 weeks in the US. It took them about 50 days to ship 1 million units in NA Wii sold 1.25M in the first 42 days in NA Xbox 360 sold 0.9M units in the first 39 days in NA Didn't find any numbers for the PS2 launch, but here Jack Tretton says they" reach the one-million mark (with the Playstation 3) faster than our top-selling platform, PS2...". EDIT: Hoho for breakfast points out that in NA, the PS2 sold "slightly more than 0.5M" in the first day. http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showpost.php?p=90220607&postcount=542 More info, no console, home or portable, other than PS2, has ever launch one million consoles in its first MONTH. First month sales GBA (Jun '01) - 880K Xbox (Nov '01) - 720K GCN (Nov '01) - 660K NDS (Nov '04) - 480K PSP (Mar '05) - 620K 360 (Nov '05) - 325K PS3 (Nov '06) - 195K Wii (Nov '06) - 475K 3DS (Mar '11) - 400K PSV (Feb '12) - 225K
  4. PS4

    That is pretty f**king impressive, take into consideration that they haven't released it everywhere yet. Also this is for systems SOLD not shipped to stores, god daym.
  5. COD: Ghosts

    They did drop IW, that's the problem I f**king hate Blops2, nothing but MLG bullshit and snipers. Ghosts is not too bad, the hit detection is really good, guns kill quick, snipers are still phaggots though. maps are pretty bland, can barely see people, everyone just blends in. Killstreaks aren't the best but I don't mind, makes the game more gun on gun instead of killwhoring.
  6. Some guy showed me that spot behind the portable, kinda cheesing the game but f**k it I want the cash I bought the apartment smack in the middle of the city, right across from the massive building site. Has a 10 car garage and an awesome view from up top and close to a chopper. It's only 230k if I remember correctly.
  7. Maaan I stopped a little passed it so I thought you had to kill everyone before it would let you pass. Last attempt I just plowed through 2 cars, thought the plane would blow up but It was all cool, such an annoying mission.
  8. Dude, that f**king mission man ALL THAT FOR 3.5k FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF Screwing around was awesome, as soon as I got out of the apartment 3 guys just instantly turned and started shooting, good thing they were pretty crap at aiming lol That cop chase was amazing,I had 4 stars and so many damn cops chasing me. I was thinking to myself "man this cop is such a pain in the ass I can't lose him", until I saw your name pop up in a cop car, Honestly don't know how I lost them in the end, did a nice celebratory burnout in the FBI 4x4, while you tried to set me on fire......a nice grenade sorted that.
  9. Where would the message box appear? On the bottom left, just above the mini map, where the missions/text messages appear. Usually tells you that the game saves successfully or if there is a problem.
  10. Just lob a couple grenades over the fence, did it by myself last night no problem. Stop your car in the street just out side the gate, to the right side, take cover behind your car, throw a couple grenades over the wall in the general direction of the target, then floor it to the next target because you'll have a shit load of cops chasing you.
  11. There is a problem with the saving so be careful, It will sometimes save but other times you cant save for over 30 mins, just look at the little message box's that appear to check if it's saved or not.
  12. That was fun, dunno what happened when you pulled up into your driveway though, my game freaked out and I could only move the camera and nothing more so I had to restart the game. Survival is pretty awesome, had a game with one other person and made it to round 10 without any drama and banked 20k, then tried playing with three others and they all died within round 3, bloody useless.
  13. Ahh ok, I wondered why I lost like 300JP.for no reason I was going to get pissed but I guess it is useless right now. Realised I haven't joined the crew, on ps3 most nights so might see you guys.
  14. Played today for a couple hours, got into some random mission and made 20k in like 5mins. The guys were all around lvl60 so I guess I was lucky. Only got about 70k now at lvl14, seen some people at lvl50 with 0JP score, the f**k do people level up so much without playing missions?