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  1. Jzz30 1jz turned Jza80 1jz build thread

    Only reason people go 1.5j is so they can gain the extra capacity in older model toyotas and don't have to rewire their car to suit the 2jz. 1.5j makes slightly less power than a 2j as the heads flow better.
  2. I still skid the hills. Just go out with a couple mates. We all have subtle cars and don't attract attention to ourself. And living at the base of the hills helps. Every time I go up there I see tones of entry marks so I know it's not only me out.. Still a massive scene here in Adelaide but it's all very hush hush and people just hang with their mates rather than randoms. But I do remember the days of drag racing on Anzacs and stuff, I was in my 18rg powered celica. Dragging rx3's and stuff. Even cressys with 1j conversions which was considered crazy back then, lol which is now what I skid now and daily drive with 200kws and that's just mild as!
  3. SA Buy/Swap/Sell Thread

    Looking for a 1jz non vvti motor. Bare or complete. Did a bottom end in mine on Christmas Day
  4. buy and swap

    Yes is this back!!!?? A reason to be on ns again!
  5. Brie bentley add her on Facebook. Mates ex she's a stripper and does private shows. Say you know dale daymond and she'll give you a discount. She's a bit of a slapper but pretty bangin..
  6. Get split systems. You can put them on timers to cool the house in off peak. Then spend more money on insulation. Split systems work more efficient as the air doesn't need to run through a hot roof to get to the room. My brother is a Fridgy and this was his advise to me to other day. As I'm having the same issue
  7. sil80 now sold

    God please get a full exhaust with a muffler. This thing sounded horrible Saturday night. You'll make more power with a exhaust and muffler to as these require back pressure..
  8. SR20DE+T Conversion!

    If you have a good time there is no reason the motor will go bang. Ran mine for 2 years with 220kws no problems. Was daily driven and saw regular track days and hills skids atleast once a week
  9. SR20DE+T Conversion!

    People do it because it's cheaper and sometimes it's hard to find a det motor that is in good condition and not thrashed. Non turbos motors are usually in better condition. That's the reason I did it. Also it's a power and response upgrade for bugger all cash! That's if you plan on not going for big power. Remember non turbos have better cams and higher compression. Win win really
  10. SR20DE+T Conversion!

    Just swap the long block in. Put your det ignition on it. Swap in your det injectors Then pull the black sump pan off weld in a drain plug then get a t peice run it off your oil pressure switch under your intake manifold. Run a line from the t peice to the turbo (you'll have to get it made up. I got a braided one and ran it around the back of the motor over the gear box. Enzed can make the lines and supply you the t peices Connect up everything as in its a det motor turbo the lot. You don't need to run water lines I didn't but you can put t pieces in your heater hoses which are just by your turbo and run the lines to there. Put new plugs in it and take it for a base tune and check over. Should be fine and you'll make around 180kws with a t28 . I ended up tuning mine with a bigger turbo and made 260kws ran this set up for 2 years no problems just ran it on 98 and kept an ear out for pinging I never had any problems and a few people I know have done the same,
  11. I had a Silvia with a clutch once
  12. Gave up trying. I'll wait a few days for rockstar to get their shit together. If you go on the forum heaps of people are having the same problem
  13. I'm still having trouble getting on.. Have to keep remaking my character as it says it's corrupt every time?
  14. Just doing system update. See if I get on. I know people with x box are getting on..
  15. still trying to get on... keeps saying failed to host? anyone else having this problem? also joined rhe ns crew but its not showing up..