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    bmx, drifting and playing round with cars and drinkin Jimmy big bots for sure
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  1. Pistol Pete's 6L S15 Hit & Run - new vids!

    Dam this looks good !!!
  2. Classic s13 aero kit rb25det eurolines

    Then rego after all of that ?? Will be pretty good set up once its all done im keen to see how it drives
  3. Classic s13 aero kit rb25det eurolines

    Wat sort of turbs u looking at getting?
  4. Classic s13 aero kit rb25det eurolines

    We get better results with the cheaper plugs at work
  5. Classic s13 aero kit rb25det eurolines

    $500 for a throttle bracket and radiator pipe ?
  6. Classic s13 aero kit rb25det eurolines

    Only got paper work to do and the tracks right to drift at but first ive heard bout someone else holding any meetings at the track thou
  7. Classic s13 aero kit rb25det eurolines

    Engine bay is looking sweet now, nearly ready for the car show ??
  8. s13 with 3litre 26 to come!

    Really loving the build on this man, the rear guards are lookin sweet as
  9. 94 180sx build up

    Very tidy car man
  10. Sil80 drifter

    Thanks man
  11. Sil80 drifter

    Started prep on doin the frontend with weldin up all the holes and stitch weldin the engine plus front tubs aswell
  12. rotary nut

    Shit yeah man gotta love the FD rotors, i used to have a series 1 with a 13bbp and 48webbers and fell in love with the note of rotors since, keen to see pics of ur series4
  13. A Hey Hey

    thanks for the comment, yeah man with the silvia i got gt3540 turbo and manifold, nismo 2way diff, bc coilovers, mircotech, apexi avrc, runnin a set on the N/A cams not too sure if they are that much diff then the turbo ones and soon to be starting on a full motor build with hks cams, cp pistons spool rods and ect would love to have a good 240kw and pretty bullet proof if i can.
  14. Onevia in progress

    found these pics from the night u painted it plus the one of ur new motor combo hahahaha