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  1. Price : $100 Condition : Used hey all iv got a set of 4 ma61 wheels that are in need of a clean up, they have the usual gutter rash but nothing serious and no buckles asking for $600ono Also i have a rebuit 7MGTE acl bearings, clevite rings, arp head studs, cometic headgasket, 1uz afm, the engine is as a long motor atm but everything comes with the engine, manifolds, stock ct26 turbo new water pump, timing belt etc but the engine has been sitting for a while and should do with some lubing up. asking for 1000 ono BA XR6 TURBO brake calipers and rotors both in very good condition, make an offer also have a garret gt35r of a xr6 turbo that ran stock boost 700ono open to reasonable offers on everything contact me on 0 4 3 4 9 4 1 1 6 6 or pm cheers
  2. Price : $100 Condition : Used s13 passenger side indicator/parker and s13 silvia front bar prefrably in silver over grey two tone. also might need rad support let me know if you have one Text or Call 0425151859, Greg Located in Vic
  3. Power steering vs manual steering

    i wanted to stay out of this, however the bit in bold has me concerned; i always felt safest and quickest exit out of that situation would be to neutralise throttle or slight clutch blip. However if i am wrong and have missed out on an alternate technique in car correction, please fill me in. I for one will not partake in the double standard newbie bashing. we can talk about attitude and experience, but at the end of the day car people already have enough external pressures without the internal bickering. hope you make it out the other side of newbiedom without too much damage Thanks man yea not a scratch on me or car all sweet! Also what i did wasn't really car correction more like didn't know how to correct the car at that speed oversteered and ripped a bail. The correction in that situation in theory i would think is to ease off the throttle whilst counter steering till back to a neutral steering or power though the slide but then that would be essentially drifting BUT im not 100% on this since ive never actually done it ahah
  4. Power steering vs manual steering

    As I said in my original post I got oversteer on corner exit, i saw the straight comming out of the corner and steeped on the gas got some oversteer and was to slow to catch it with counter steer and jumped on the brakes then counterd, come to think of it it was probably better that I did hit the brakes cause I might of over corecceted and whipped out of control.
  5. Power steering vs manual steering

    Thanks for your advice Shakey Bones you broadened my thoughts of driving more specifically driving fast, what you wrote about the cheap vs good tyres i think i get what you mean, and that really made me think. Sounds like you really know from experience and i am really glad i might not have to learn it the hard way. Also thanks for understanding that im not one of those stereo type "Hoons" you see on aca every other month. Some people dont realize driving can be an expression or sport and on the other end transportation or idiotic fun. not everyone has the time and money to go to track days but the best i can do is to minimize the risk i never drive over anything that isnt well within my capability in exception of well into the morning on mountain roads or no traffic areas, sorry if sometimes i get a little caught in the moment and push it little beyond my own limit thats human nature where would we be if no one where ever to push the boundaries. I dont want to miss out on this part of owning a car even if its not the safest or best part cause it sure is great.
  6. Power steering vs manual steering

    Yea i did hit the brakes and didnt counter it early enough, car got oversteer on corner exit. Why would putting "really good rubber" be a concern as you said "real good driving is developed from learning and experiencing how a car behaves near and at the limit." with really good tyres i would think the limit would be at a much higher level meaning you want me to go faster? if where up to me i would start from the bottom and work my way up which is what im doing i drive an na sil with cheap tyres and decent suspension, which is fast and gripy enough for me. My coilovers came with a measuring tool to set height, as for corner weighting seems a bit over kill for someone like me learning the basics... I will be upgrading to DET brakes since i did get some brake fade by the end of the run, i service and do all work to my car myself. This isnt the first time i have tried to drive fast though the hills ive worked up to driving that fast although it was the first time i pushed it that hard since i felt comfortable and i felt i could trust the car at that speed also there wasn't one other car on that road. I've never once thought driving is easy, it amazes me how good drivers like Keiichi Tsuchiya, Manabu Orido and Nobuteru Taniguchi are when watching hot version and bestmotoing, all of which are real people who learnt to drive on the TOUGE and later became professional racers.
  7. Hey guys I'm starting to get more confident in driving the touge and trust my s13 more since I put coilovers in, I just came back from a run though the twistys and I had my first real spin out on corner exit, what was weird was I got a bit of oversteer but i didn't really feel it though the steering wheel like I normally do whilst drifting at low speeds/getting oversteer in the wet and caught it too late, is it that the power steering takes away some of that feedback at higher speeds? Or was I just not quick enough to catch it due to lack of experience? Is it better to grip drive without power steering in s13s/cars in general? Has anyone ran their s13 without power steering? Also I've been told about that alloy steering bush you an get how effective are they at improving response?
  8. Flickfessions

    Ok so i went back a watch a couple of my favorites cause im sick of all these new movies lately that really seem to suck! The Fifth Element (1997) http://en.wikipedia....e_Fifth_Element First off the story line to this movie is one of the coolest there is, set 200 or so years into the future there is an intergalactic threat to the universe and there's only one man who can save it! Bruce Willis, I think one of his best roles he plays the typical retired army expert but this time hes not killing terrorists to save the day, but hes a divorced taxi driver thats hit a mid life crisis and wants to find the "perfect" women. What is really cool about this film is the props and set designs it really makes you believe thats what it would be like in the future. Chris Tucker is bloody hilarious and Milla Jovovich is as sexy as ever. If you like a good action sci-fi this is a must watch. Men in Black (1997) http://en.wikipedia....in_Black_(film) I used to watch this every weekend when i was a kid at my mums house on tape and i loved it then and i still love it now ive propably watched it no joke 100 times over the years, what more can i say if you haven't seen it watch it NOW! i watched MIB 3 on the weekend please do your self a favor and instead of paying $18 and having to sit though a crappy sequel that is simply made to rake in the $$$ go watch the one and only original its extremely funny keeps you glued to the screen and has a great story to. These where imo the golden years of film the 90s and early 2000 it feels like nowadays films are really dumbed down and are just made with massive budgets all special effects with no story and no moral, it feels like now its just like yea that movie was ok but it didnt mean anything.. meh maybe im just getting more mature
  9. Prometheus

    Looks to be a savage movie from the trailer, lets just hope its good!
  10. Flickfessions

    Haha mine too although I haven't listened to the directors commentary! Would be very fascination I can imagine, Ill sus it out.
  11. Flickfessions

    Requiem for a Dream http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Requiem_for_a_Dream This movie is about three drug addicts that live in late 90s California the main character lives with his mum and mooches off her to fund his addiction, with no job and a girlfriend that has a dream of owning her own designers label/store, he and his best friend come up with a money making scheme... while the story is the typical have nothing get rich then plummet to all time low the director keeps the film really interesting with the way the movie is shot and how the music really puts you in the moment its a really great movie to watch if your studying cinematography. The end of the film really brings you down to earth and your left felling so let down that the characters didn't get to live out there childhood dreams and how f**ked there lives will now be. Great movie writing this review makes me want to watch it again! 9/10
  12. N/A aero sileighty street car

    Man please do a manual conversion it opens up a world of driving! You can get it done really cheap if you do the work yourself or get your mechanic mates to help, assuming your not in high school?
  13. Delete post
  14. Garret Gt35/40 - $1,100

    Price : $1,100 Condition : Used Hey guys putting this up for a mate. Hes got a Garret gt35/40 for sale came off a stanard engine with 110,XXX km on it asking $1100 ono. He is also stripping a 1985 silver mx73 it has 160XXXkms on it although engine is f**ked, interior is bluish grey in colour in mint condition. All items for pickup in vic Please call or text 0434941166 (Jacob) as i wont be able to give any further info. Thanks, Greg
  15. The Touge Monster

    UPDATE ok so not a lot has been happening but i got the new motor in and its as good as new now, found some cheap coilovers $400 turns out im a shit *milkshake* and they are leaking so now i gotta get some new ones cause they suck ass........ Anyways my gearbox is playing up might need a new one or reco. Anyways heres some PICTURES! My shitty teins New engine Engine IN! New engine ready to get abused Defects YO