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  1. The Drift Taxi

  2. Old Taxi Drift Guy

    Hi guys been away for awhile, sold my S14 when Tailem track closes & raced speedway for a few years. Now with the new Tailem Bend Drift track open & only 4 minutes from home the old fella is back with a Cefiro. Enjoy making videos of my drift adventures so check out Old Taxi Drift Guy on YouTube. Here is a vid of 1st official practice at Tailem new track

    More importantly,,, who won Super Street ??????
  4. August Ebisu Matsuri

    yours the one with the crazy exhaust manifold? Yep thats the one
  5. August Ebisu Matsuri

    Unable to get back this year so the Ceffy is up for sale :-(( Txt me on 0439889309 or email me martyracing@hotmail.com for more info & photos Great car & very reliable Cheers Mark
  6. 1990 Nissan Cefiro - $2,700

    Make : NISSAN CEFIRO Transmission : Kilometres : 0 Price : $2,700 Condition : Used OK guys price drop, absolute bargain if your going over to Autumn Matsuri,,, need it gone Was planning on getting back to Japan for Autumn Matsuri but things have gone pair shaped so am selling the Cefiro Taxi. This is a great car for Ebisu. I had no trouble at all with it except for replacing a power steering hose. If u want photos email me & I will send them to u. Here is a bit of what its got RB20 Aftermarket LSD Aftermarket Radiator (2 layer? Tbc) Aftermarket Manifold HKS Aircleaner Front Strut Brace Front mounted Intercooler, Custom Piping Metal Suction Pipe Aftermarket Outlet Aftermarket front Pipe Aftermarket Exhaust System Blitz BOV GTR intake and Throttle Bride Semi Bucket Seat Razo Shift Knob Aftermarket Steering Wheel Emanage Ultimate ECU Aftermarket Audio Omori Boost Gauge (Making around 0.9 Bar) 17” Alloys, 215 Tyres Skyline Larger Brake Callipers Tein Coilovers Stainmesh Brake Lines Project Mu Front Pads Front Pilo Tension Rods Roof Tip Spoiler Aftermarket Knuckles Its had a few wall taps around the back but every thing is straight & it drives fantastic. Has only been driven by a 51 year old fat barsted. Email or call 0439889309 http://youtu.be/Dy0mOZG7Qek martyracing@hotmail.com
  7. Spring Matsuri

    Cool, think I got my son coming over, he races bikes & not really into it but liked my vids & is going to do a bit of videoing & have a drive. Take him for a ride Stewy, Im sure u will convert him :-)
  8. Spring Matsuri

    Can get cheap helmets over there but just as easy to take one. Same with tools, if your weight allows take over a small socket set & some spanners & buy a cheap jack over their. People do share & if u go through Andy he has tools if u get in trouble but alot easier if u have your own stuff or share with a mate. Hire car also makes it much easier. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, OK guys Im heading back in November (herd the Taxi is missin me) anyone else going back then ?????????? Cheers Mark
  9. Spring Matsuri

    Had a bloody ball, learnt heaps & met some great people. I put this vid together with a not so good camera & even a worse editor but here it is anyway
  10. Spring Matsuri

    sounds like were on the same flight outa Sydney as well as a few others 12 aussies on that flight so far atleast Yep me & another mate on the same flight ) Leaving Adelaide at 5:45
  11. Spring Matsuri

    Just come up to the Taxi if ya want a ride, Im shit but it will be great fun :-)
  12. Spring Matsuri

    G1 GP Super Class (Previous round and championship winners) 1. Christian Pickering (SC), Australia, RPS13 2. Chris Dejager (SC), Australia, R32 3. Andrew Gray, (SC), Scotland, JZX90 G1 GP Regular Class: 1. “Disco” Stu Stirling, Australia, S13 2. Alexi “Nori yaro” Smith, Australia, JZX100 3. David Lawrie, Australia, S14 4. Mark Capelja, Australia, C33 5. Shane Beresford, Australia 180sx 6. Eiji Wakamatsu, Australia JZX90 7. Aaron Meyer, Australia 180sx 8. Mark Martin, Australia, A31 9. Christian Marschall, Australia 10. Nath Wheeler, Australia ,S13 11. Emily Gray, Scotland S14 12. Joey Lyons Australia 180sx 13. Nic Klippan, Australia, R33 14. Andrew Sunderland, Australia, JZX90 15. Donald Jackson, USA, 180sx/R33 16. Ben Pappas, Australia, Car TBC 17. Alex Vandenhaspel, Australia, JZX90 18. Mitch Bunney - Australia – A31 Cefiro 19. Paul Twomey, Ireland, Car Tbc 20. Josh 'howie' Hayward, Australia, 180sx 21. Tom Monkhouse Australia ,S14 22. Anton Sutton, Australia, JZX90 23. Benny “BFN” Neal, Australia, S13 24. Andrew Mensah, USA, car tbc 25. Kenneth Siekert, USA, S14 26. Jesse Siekert, USA, S14
  13. Spring Matsuri

    Yeh if anyone wants a ride just look for the old guy with the Cefiro & the Taxi sign on the roof ,, will even leave the meter off :-) Im shit but its gunna be great fun
  14. Spring Matsuri

    Big hammer, shifter, pliers, wire & cable ties,,, I share )
  15. Spring Matsuri

    Should be fine,, looking at the live web cam at Driftland, that track is already clear