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  1. hey everyone i know it may appear that i had of fallen off the side of the planet. with my lack of posts have just been busy.. here is what i have been up to
  2. ebay is easyest sometimes
  3. dump pipe for big turbo integra s15 cold pipe After i fixed it up look down for the before This plus this

    I HAVE SOME FAIL FABS dump pipe had a 5 mm crack about 2/3 of the way around
  5. just match it alot of the time they come in 2 bits aswell ( eg.. long rectangle of 2 of the bolts and a square for the other 1 )
  6. yeah that thread will help you out quite abit
  7. vid of first start http://youtu.be/oNi4PZcNS5E s.e suburbs area close to the narre warren area
  8. Thanks Everyone so much for your feed back i have been quite busy with life things at the moment but this is what i have been up to MORE TIPS quick intake pipe for evo 7 Front pipe for 1jz Twin turbo cressida Painfull.. and the progess on the 180sx IT HAS BEEN STARTED
  9. LOL i was at a hospital the other day and i hought the same thing LOLS!!! as soon as you become a welder you ALWAYS look at welds i recently took a ride on a segway and i hoped on and yelled to my mate Oi check the welds on thh handle bar
  10. turbo spooling problem

    are sr manual actuators same as auto one's in rb25's auto runs 5 psi and man runs 7 psi
  11. yeah i have done both done 3" and 2.5 inch and got both of them to fit
  12. Dam i wish i knew this about 2 weeks ago Put me down for both greg and keep up the AWSOME WORK