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  1. SSS-X bmc187@hotmail.com Having trouble logging in, tried password reset page with no luck. I think I signed up with another username originally but I can't remember it
  2. documentary junkie?

    Knuckle "An epic 12-year journey into the brutal and secretive world of Irish Traveler bare-knuckle fighting. This film follows a history of violent feuding between rival clans."
  3. documentary junkie?

    Bobby Fischer Against the World - Doco about a gifted chess player who became US Champion at age 14, he is widely regarded as one of the greatest chess players of all time
  4. documentary junkie?

    9/11 Blueprint for the Truth In this multimedia presentation, Richard Gage , Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, provides overwhelming evidence that all 3 of the World Trade Centre high rise buildings were the result of an explosive controlled demolition. This is a must see for anyone interested in 9/11! STREAM FROM HERE
  5. Fav old school game

    I thought you could save on Kirby's Adventure
  6. aussie hip hop

    new oars clip
  7. documentary junkie?

  8. What happened to hip hop/rap?

    A few noteworthy releases in case you haven't heard em Jehst - Premonitions EP & Return of the Drifter Looptroop - From the Wax Cabinet EP Mark B & Blade - The Unknown Life - Everyday Life Antiheroes - Middle Finger Salute Non Phixion - The Future is Now Louis Logic - Sin-A-Matic NO ID - Accept Your Own & Be Yourself K-Otix - Universal Braille - Shades of Grey Cunninlynguists - Will Rap for Food Big L - The Big Picture Ill Bill - Whats Wrong With Bill Nice selections @ FutureDrifter & Angerist
  9. Just looking for a somewhere to get my injectors cleaned & flow tested (CA18 top feed injectors) If someone could recommend a place (southern area & reasonably priced) that would be great
  10. Unless you want to reformat your computer you will have to do something along these lines TRY THIS FIRST Click on Start menu and then Run. 1. Type the following command and click OK. %systemroot%system32oobemsoobe.exe /a 2. When the Windows Product Activation window appears, choose "Yes, I want to telephone a customer service representative to activate Windows" and then click Next. 3. Click Change Product Key, Type your new, valid Windows XP product key in the New key text boxes and then click Update. 4.You will now be able to enter the valid serial number for your Windows XP 5. Press update and close window 6. Restart your PC IF THAT DOESNT WORK TRY THIS "If you want to Use that Legal Serial Key or Product Key without Reinstalling your present Windows XP, then here is a Nice Tutorial to change the XP Serial key without reinstalling: 1. Click on Start menu & Press on "Run". 2. In the text box in the Run window, type regedit and click OK. This will open the Registry Editor program. 3. Locate the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > Software > Microsoft > WindowsNT > Current Version > WPAEvents. 4. In the results that appear in the window on the right, locate OOBETimer. 5. Right-click on the OOBETimer entry and choose Modify from the resulting menu. 6. Change at least one digit in the Value data text box and click OK. This will deactivate Windows XP. 7. Close Registry Editor. 8. Again Click on Start menu and then Run. 9. Type the following command and click OK. %systemroot%system32oobemsoobe.exe /a 10. When the Windows Product Activation window appears, choose "Yes, I want to telephone a customer service representative to activate Windows" and then click Next. 11. Click Change Product Key, Type your new, valid Windows XP product key in the New key text boxes and then click Update. 12. If you're taken back to the previous screen and prompted, choose Remind me later. 13. Restart your PC"
  11. Hello, Managed to crack my windscreen today while taking something out of my car. I was just checking if having a cracked windscreen is illegal/defectable in SA? Below is an example of the size/position of the crack Also, could this be repaired?
  12. Cracked Winscreen

    Have only been quoted $400 plus so far (Including Obrien), so if anyone knows a place who can do it cheaper please PM me . MODEL - 1987 Bluebird SSSX 1.8L, theres two different windscreens on Obrien's list but I'm not sure which one it is, I'm guessing its the U11 one (Both are $400 +) but because its an import I might need to take in somewhere to double check the exact type.
  13. Recommended a Movie

    Hey everyone, Just thought I'd try and start a recommended movie thread. Please post up any movie you have recently watched and enjoyed or wish to recommend to someone. A brief write up (1-2 lines including the genre) on each movie might also help. Thread Rules - Can only recommended a movie that you have watched recently (Within the last few days, to reduce free-posting) - Limit of 3 recommendations per post Hopefully this thread kicks off and gets 'stickied' to save people time when deciding on what to watch
  14. Hey there, Just seeing if anyone has any NES games there no longer using and want to sell Also looking for a Light Gun and 'Nes Advantage Joystick' Let me know if you have anything I also have some SNES games I might be willing to swap for NES games/accessories
  15. Movies so bad their good...

    ^^^^ Watched Hobo With a Shotgun last week IMO , it had some potential to be a good 'bad' movie but didn't deliver. I think the 'cliche' and extremely 'cheesy' antagonists ruined the movie (or some could disagree and say they helped make this a good 'bad' movie)
  16. documentary junkie?

    Finally got round to watching 'The Cove' & 'Gasland'. Both doco's are well worth watching and are real eye openers Also watched 'The Girl in the Glass Casket' (National Geographic Channel). Its about Rosalia, 2 year girl who died at the end of WWI, was embalmed and placed in a glass casket. She still has intact skin, hair, etc , but has started showing signs of decay over the last few years. This documentary follows a group of scientists trying to stop further decay and help preserve Rosalia forever.
  17. PSN, can't sign in?

    Have nothing against Sony , don't actually own a PS3. I regret not buying a PS3 for the extra features (Blu-Ray & free online play,etc). I do have issue with Microsoft for charging for online play (as I previously mentioned in this thread). Was only posting that AnonOps image to update everyone. Sorry for any confusion
  18. PSN, can't sign in?

    Posted by AnonOps (Anonymous Operations)
  19. PSN, can't sign in?

    Hopefully Microsoft is next on their list , making me pay $50 a year to play online....f**kers
  20. Fav old school game

    Arcade - Donkey Kong, VS Super Mario Bros & Zoo Keeper Xbox360 - Skate 2 PC - Team Fortress Classic NES - Super Mario Bros/Duck Hunt SNES - Super International Cricket N64 - Golden Eye 007
  21. Looking for NES games

    The holy grail of NES Games (Along with Myriad 6-1) http://cgi.ebay.com....=item2eb4b23609 Anyone got a spare $40,000