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  1. Make : NISSAN SILVIA Transmission : Manual Kilometres : 176000 Price : $6,500 Condition : Used S13 1via sr20det sale or swap (silvia with 180sx front conversion) Minimal mods •stock sr20det •3" cat back exhaust •KONI struts adjustable stiffness •17" mismatch wheels •GTR 33 driver and passenger seat •175,XXX chassis I've owned this car for a few years and upon purchase the car had 90,XXX kms on the chassis and was already converted to a manual (sr20det 70,XXX kms) with the 180sx front conversion fitted as it started off as a non turbo CA18 auto Silvia. Majority of kms I've driven are on highways and freeways. Serviced every 5000kms with genuine Nissan oils, filters and plugs and have filled up with BP ultimate since day one. Mechanically sound and has never left me stranded. Body is a little rough around the edges, all bumps and bruises were acquired in car parks, nothing major but not in perfect condition. Cleared regency late last year because of defect but all has been taken care of, such as bigger brakes, new exhaust, emissions ect so there's no hassles from the authorities. Attention areas •pop up lights need re wiring (motors for pop up mechanisms are fine) •body needs some attention (minor bumps and bruises) •front RHS garnish for bumper (missing needs replacement) •cracks on dashboard Genuine sale, just time to move on and let it go. Primarily for sale but open to swaps (cash adjustments either way) so express your interest, $6500 price is negotiable. Contact mobile 04 32 174 896 call or SMS
  2. Just finished going through the thread now... Ridiculous attention to detail, some awesome things being done to this car, but one begins to wonder whether or not Rone's going to be off P's by the time the build is finished and if so ready for the turbo upgrade. Serious workmanship in this car none the less, keep up the great effort, and keep those updates coming, LIKE NOW!
  3. RC Drift cars

    Im using an EZRUN 9t brushless. I like it so far. Heres what mine look like where did you find the 1via shell?! here's another clip:
  4. GT5 Ns.com Race Only

    scratch that, I was trying to signup via website on the laptop and the sign up page was down due to maintenance, but just made a new user on the console and signed up but am unable to transfer game data to the new user account, I've never been online with it, so downloading updates for the game now.
  5. Fav old school game

    hang on, after burner, outrun, running battle, alien storm, golden axe, streets of rage, moonwalker, columns, rival schools, bomberman, gta with the helicopter view, that's all that I can remember right now, way too many, I was raised by gaming consoles... nerd alert, nerd alert, geek is the new cool
  6. very clean s13, looks nice as it is, have fun building it up
  7. Google+

    post or pm me your email/gmail pm sent
  8. Google+

    who can get me in?
  9. GT5 Ns.com Race Only

    I'm keen, but can't sign up to make an account atm, just need to wait for maintenance on the PSN, however long that may take...? -.-
  10. s15's about to depreciate?

    imo, there is no threat to the resale of the s15, perhaps the RX8 but not the s15.
  11. minor defect

    Thanks for all the input guys, funnily enough my girlfriend was reading the back of the defect notice and pointed out this important note which quoted the following: WARNING!! VEHICLES MAY UNDERGO A COMPLETE ROADWORTHINESS CHECK WHICH IS NOT RESTRICTED TO THE ITEMS LISTED ON THE DEFECT NOTICE. AN ADDITIONAL DEFECT NOTICE MAY BE ISSUED IF FAULTS ARE DETECTED DURING EXAMINATION. After consideration, I decided that I'll make the car look as close to stock as possible, because at the end of the day, if the officer that issued the defect wasn't so lenient to begin with, I could have easily have had to suffer the regency processing which I'll take a police inspection over any given day, and I'm not going to rely on hitting the lottery of getting the inspection done by another lenient officer. As some of you have said do it right and do it once, and I am one who would prefer to be safe than sorry. Once again, thanks for all the feedback.
  12. minor defect

    Hi I recently received a minor defect which requires a police inspection, I'm worried whether or not the police inspection carried out will only look at what the stated defect is, or look over the whole vehicle and possibly find other things which can also be defected. Anyone who has gone through this situation, let me know what the outcome was so I know whether to treat this as a regency inspection.
  13. Liking ATM

    start it off liking this ATM [url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UePtoxDhJSw"]Black and Yellow Wiz Khalifa[/url]