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  1. Hey boys and girls. First off, i hope the idea of this thread floats! With all the police attention imports have been receiving over the last few years it is starting to become apparent that we need to make some 'sacrifices' where necessary. now.... With engine/bay modifications the norm has always been to have them looking 'nice' (obviously) but the problem is.... If your engine bay looks like a peacock then you are going to get noticed! and for some people, more often than not, by the wrong croud! READ: POLICE! Soo... This is a pictorial/helpful thread for all those that are looking to build a hard as nails setup that will fly under the radar and look oem! 1. Who has had po lice overlook mods that you believe you would have got done for? 2. who has been pulled up on mods that you have had made to look stock? 3. Who has been pulled up on stock parts, that police thought were modified (eg. factory B.O.V?) please keep this thread clean, it is NOT a means to bitch about police, simply a means to help other car enthusiasts enjoy their rides on a day to day basis.
  2. the Black Engine Bay Masters!

  3. the Black Engine Bay Masters!

    makes me sad...
  4. Looking to get suckered into a pyramid scheme?

    I am always looking to work with like minded professionals such as myself.... Yea right...
  5. Modern cars

    I rekon the Koreans are doing well styling wise with Kia. Specially with the twin sun roof.
  6. Modern cars

    Yea, very steep price tag, but being a Euro they devalue like crazy, pick up a my11 model for mid thirties.
  7. > Price: $8,400 Call: Ryan 0403496293 Do you consider Adidas tracksuit pants to be "going out clothes"? Do you often refer to those close as "bro's?" Are you in your 30's and still living with your parents? Well do I have the vehicle for you! If you are looking for a super clean streeter with more than a bit of attitude then this might be the ride for you. In fantastic condition both inside and out my Berlina has had the right money spent on the right bits. With the 5.7L LS1 breathing through an OTR intake with K&N filter it has had a full computer upgrade and tune to make sure it will last the distance, gasses are expelled through a Pacemaker blue 4 into 1 system with full stainless steel exhaust and twin tips. It burbles along nicely and when you open the throttle you'll know about it! The car also has the following. - New Gearbox with stall converter and bigger clutch bands - New Radiator - True Trac Diff with 3.73 gears (over $2,000) - Strut Brace - New driveshaft - All new bushes in the car (installed by Pedders) - 20" alloy wheels - Top Gun Leads 10mm - Pedders Sports Ryder shock/springs All performance work carried out by D & T Performance.
  8. ns- meet and greet food hangs

    Someone PM me or message me on Facebook before the next one. Would like to come out and say hi to everyone.
  9. Targa Adelaide Night Stage

    Link to my photo gallery for anyone interested. http://hardtuned.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=536201
  10. tax times fun times

  11. Phuket/Thailand

    Flying out in a couple hours! YEWW!
  12. Gym wankers

    Sounds great... Please tell us more..
  13. Phuket/Thailand

    This man speaks the truth! Back the f**k up... Who said I wasn't looking for a ladyboy?......
  14. Phuket/Thailand

    Cheers slip.
  15. Phuket/Thailand

    Im heading over from the 10th June till the 24th. Im spending 6 nights in Bangkok though. The first night is when we land at like 11:30 so that will just be sleeping. What do people suggest I do while in Bangkok as usually I would just be hitting up the islands/water straight off the bat and to be honest 5 days in a 'city' isn't really where its at for me but the trip was organised by a bird im seeing at a super cheap rate and the Hotel is wikkid and we'll spend most of the time f**king and shopping anyways. What do people suggest we do in Bangkok itself, or for day trips in/around the area. About a year ago I read every page in this thread, but that was quite a while ago and lots of this stuff is in regards to the islands. So city stuff?
  16. TTuned Horse Power Heroes!

    TTuned Horsepower Heroes Leaderboard! Rules: Must have Dyno Readout sheet posted. Must have Spec posted as this. Engine: Turbo: Mods: Nos: Y/N Have fun guys!
  17. DJs: Post your latest and greatest mix here.

    https://soundcloud.c...-merchant-vol-1 He's back! blind_injustice is on the mix with this latest thumper with a hard edgy 'Melbourne bounce' sound progressing into some big tech/electro anthems. 1. Intro (Barney Stinston) 2. Dada Life - Rolling stone T-shirt 3. Slop rock ft Whiskey Pete - Super dope (Gigi Barocco remix) 4. Northbrook - Dance (Uberjakd remix) 5. Timmy Trumpet - Snapback (will sparks remix) 6. Dada life - Feed the Dada 7. Stafford Brothers - Hello (will sparks remix) 8. Will Sparks, TJR - Ahh Yeah 9. Wolfgang Gartner - We own the night 10. Showtek - How we Do 11. Lesware - Mercy 12. Lana del Ray - Summertime sadness (Cedric Gervais remix) 13. Puentez - What the f**k!? 14. Mitch Merkel & Louie - Chin Check 15. Zoolanda - On Da trot (Artur white mashup) 16. Armin Van Buuren - D#fat Contact through: www.facebook.com/positiveexposurephotography Mix: Ryan Cullinan Original artwork: www.catherinechalmers.com ©
  18. DJs: Post your latest and greatest mix here.

    https://soundcloud.com/blind_injustice/tek-shock Dirty, pounding and relentless.... But that's enough about last night with your mother... 1. Pacific Link - Time for new energy (dark oscillators remix) 2. Yakooza - Cocaine (scott project remix) 3. Dr.Willis & Scott Alert - Go Away (kamui remix) 4. Organ Donors - Teardrop (massive attack rip-off!) 5. Hennes Cold - The second Trip (Scott Project remix) 6. Walt Jessen - Crtl/Walt/Delete 7. Kamui - Electro Slut (ASYS remix) 8. ASYS - No more f**king rock and roll (Paul Van Dyk edit) 9. ASYS - Klick Klack (Kamui remix) 10. Ka - Technologic 11. Scott Project - FM3 12. ASYS - Bassturbation (Organ donors remix) 13. Dr. WIllis and Vandall - Tech Ho (Derb) 14. Vandall - Out my life 15. Organ donors - New Era (Kamui Remix) Length: 1:20 Mixed by: Ryan Cullinan Album art: Ryan Cullinan Original artwork: www.catherinechalmers.com ©
  19. TTuned Horse Power Heroes!

    Been over a year since a post in here! Any more high HP Toyota's floating around?!
  20. nisskid's 32 4 door

    Man, your latest video is truly inspirational! Top work Stewy!!
  21. on a side note. http://mic.sgmjournals.org/content/152/9/2529.full http://newscenter.lbl.gov/news-releases/2011/11/29/e-coli-make-three-fuels/ I wish we could pull our heads out of our arses and support scientists instead of big business who just want to make an easy buck...

    Oh, won't be Entering in Japan! just finishing skid car here so want to get some real experience under my belt which will be $$$'s so not going to Japan earlier. Want to spend some time in Tokyo with a mate, then head up there and check it out, take some pictures/footage.