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  1. Tail lights on when car is off!?!?! HELP

    check your brake light stopper on the brake pedal.... that would be my first guess, they often break apart over time (might find bits of it on the floor near the brake pedal)
  2. Samsung Galaxy Nexus - On Telstra in 2 days

    what network is that with resistance? being out in the stix telstra is unfortunately my only option, not interested in other networks despite my hate of telstra
  3. Help identifying injectors

    Sorry mate hadn't noticed your post... they ended up being na s15 ones after all. Disappointing after had them cleaned and tested..so you might have the same looking at those numbers.
  4. cat temp light staying on

    i'd assume it is the cat exhaust temp sensor that is buggered... you said yourself that thats the sensor error that comes up in the sensor check menu on the fc. unplug the cat sensor plug, you'll find it under the passenger seat. that should stop the error from coming up if that was the cause... if it's still on then could point to something else.
  5. Respraying car guide

    would love a guide dan as i'm about to have a go at spraying very soon myself, and been soaking up as much research as i can. oh and cheers barbie, every bit helps
  6. Best way to convert an S14 to a 4stud?

    as above...why? would also be a downgrade in calipers i'd guess. i'd assume the na hubs would be a straight swap.. and i guess s13 gear could be used (press in s13 balljoints into lca i'd assume) but again why? to me this is like dividing something by zero...
  7. Noisy and whiny gearbox.

    yeah i have couple of those symptoms, not quite as bad as what you are dealing with though.. but they'd be the things i'll be replacing when i take box out next in the hope it fixes it.. at the moment isn't too bad so i just deal with it. keeping an eye on this in case anyone as any other ideas of what it could be though
  8. Lazer eye surgery

    haha i agree with mandi, read the go blind briefly and thought yep thats when i'd shit myself right there thinking i'll never see again... and now i'm worried about the not watching the laser dot part, i'd be paranoid i'd look away... i've been tempted to do this for a long time, eyes haven't changed in probably 8 years... but i can function with glasses and contacts for sport but it is annoying at the beach. also wasn't aware about that you shouldn't use a computer after getting the procedure... is it a case of if you take proper breaks you are ok? i'm in IT so well can't do my job without using a computer.. and think i'd go a little nuts during recovery. saying that though i'm still tempted and as others have said, everyone i've talked to has had it done said that it was money well spent.. heard you can get insurance with the procudure with the eye surgeon that covers you for life if your eyesight degrades, or get cataracts etc in the future.. but how many times can the procedure be performed, and is it a higher risk each time that something can go wrong?
  9. Power FC datalogger

    fc datalogit maybe? haven't used it myself but price seems ok http://www.fc-datalogit.co.nz/pricing.html
  10. yeah if it's the chassis rail you are talking about, normal, came from factory like that. have seen section braces put in but no idea where they were gotten from
  11. need some help with my sr20det 180sx

    speedo drives should pick up signal exactly the same, i never had any problems anyway. more likely that it's a cluster issue, check over all your wires and make sure they are connected properly then if possible swap to another cluster to check.
  12. Damn Scammers

    or maybe try and scam him back... eg the post office needed some identification for the transfer, and that you need $120 to get the right identification, and that you are unable to pay for it because of rent, and could he deposit the amount into your account and you'll take it off the total sale of the car...
  13. Did anyone watch ACA tonight?

    http://www.catchoftheday.com.au ?
  14. 180sx clutch bracket snapped

    guessing heavy duty clutch? if you are worried about a 2nd hand one snapping again buy a nismo reinforced bracket, not sure if any of the sponsors have them for sale, but they're on ebay for $139 delivered.
  15. ca or sr? running 189rwkw safely on standard injectors on sr. pretty close to limit, not sure if anyone out there is running higher