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  1. Callum's S15 - 1st of July - Hit with paint!~

    Just caught up on the updates! Heaps of work has been done nice one!
  2. The Maroon Menace. 455kw monsta!

    Whats the latest figures and tune on it?
  3. S15 Parts

    25mm Fibreglass Front Guards. Unpainted Small crack in one, refer pic $175 URAS Style Rear Bar Painted Pearl White $150 Greddy Profec B Boost Controller $200 Caster Arms $100 Bee*R Limiter $175 Located Toowong
  4. Z33 6 Speed Gearbox

    Z33 CD001 6 Speed Gearbox From a 350Z MId 130k Has clutch fork and slave. $1500 Located Slacks Creek
  5. The final MX5 club of QLD track day is on at Lakeside 10th November. A full day of timed sprints for the price of a half day EFT payment from a club member at least 14 days prior – $125 EFT payment from a club member’s partner for the same event – $65 EFT payment from a club member within 14 days prior – $135 EFT payment from a non club member at least 14 days prior – $145 EFT payment from a non club member within 14 days prior – $155 ALL PAYMENTS ON THE DAY – $165 No change will be given, very important you understand this. “no change is given. If you must pay on the day have the right money” More information: http://www.mx5clubqld.com.au/?page_id=51
  6. MX5 Club QLD Track Day - Lakeside

    Less than a month to go Note this is a full day of track time for the cost of a half day!
  7. Callum's S15 - 1st of July - Hit with paint!~

    The HT Day? Car would have been NA/Auto back then :/ Still stuff to do but getting there. Anyways swapped my water pipes out, found out one of the metal heater pipes had a hole so clamped down (after water going everywhere). But now I have a new issue... Because it decided to spray water everywhere it's killed my starter.... FAK! Not sure if I cbf taking my intake off yet again or attacking from underneath. I think he was talking to OHN.050
  8. S15 with true semi slicks

    I'm interested to know more info on the Nankangs
  9. S15 with true semi slicks

    So how are you finding the R specs Stuss?
  10. Looks similar to a Blits http://www.blitsbodykits.com.au/nissan.html
  11. Callum's S15 - 1st of July - Hit with paint!~

    Ah yes that coilpack ground has gotten me before too!!! So now it has a big yellow terminal on it so I don't ever forget! Yep 15th at QR Arvo sesh
  12. ////

    glad you are happy *enchilada*
  13. 6 speed issue

  14. Price : $200 Condition : Used Team Jetspeed 25mm Bolt on guards. Not painted. One is cracked (Refer Picture) Located Toowong, Brisbane
  15. s13 5 speed wont select reverse

    Not that I am aware of. You need drop both parts of the box apart as you can't just remove the 5th selector. The others have to come out too
  16. S15 5 Speed Gearboot

    WTB: Gearboot to suit or from S15 with 5 Speed Gearbox Same as:
  17. S15 5 Speed Gearboot

    Fixed Pic. Yep I've seen the ones Taarks has. I was going to try and chase a second hand one first.
  18. Price : $250 Condition : Used SOLD standard S15 bumper with unknown add-ons $250 ono SOLD SOLD Unknown S15 side skirts $150 SOLD Nismo Style rear bar. $250ono - Fair condition with some marks Uras style rear bumper $200ono - Fair condition Located Toowong, Brisbane
  19. Jetspeed S15 25mm Wide Front Guards - $200

    Price : $200 Condition : Used BUMP
  20. S15 Bumper, Side Skirts And Rear Bar - $250

    Price : $250 Condition : Used BUMP
  21. Unable to find antena wire in s15

    Are you talking about the below connector? If so yes there should be one.