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  1. 1JZ S15 Tyre Muncher - Never ending project

    Excessive Manufacturing. They've got quite a few products.
  2. 1JZ S15 Tyre Muncher - Never ending project

    Cheers mate, hopefully it all goes well! Ditched the Haltech idea and bought a Link G4 Xtreme today, so when I get home I'll wire that into the stock loom and get her started ASAP. Booked in for a tune on the 2nd of October right before Matsuri. If all goes to plan I'll have this slug out, and skidding like a champ at Matsuri.
  3. 1JZ S15 Tyre Muncher - Never ending project

    Haha, Bling I've been seeing you posting in everyones threads who is doing/thinking of doing a 1J/2J conversion trying to sell off your gear hahaha. Shit thing is, I done most of it before I seen all the posts. I'll give that a go with the bango fitting. Bought all my exhaust bends/flanges, silicon hoses, P-clips, alloy cooler bends, new radiator, belts, tailshaft yoke, new gearbox mount, connectors and some other shit the other week. Should be a mini christmas when I get home.
  4. 1JZ S15 Tyre Muncher - Never ending project

    Will let you know. One more week of work, then working on this day/night until it's done, the QLD Matsuri.
  5. 1JZ S15 Tyre Muncher - Never ending project

    Updates since last post. Hit Archy a couple more times. I think I need more lock. Shit got real. BOOM! 1J. NPC clutch. Gearbox city, Z32 and R154. Engine and gearbox mounts. 60L fuel cell for the E85's. Got some goodies. Quick trial fit. Painted bay Red. It looks like the same orange as before, but it's definitely very, very red. Fittings n shit. Twin Bosch 044's, Carter lift pump, Bosch 1000cc injectors, Sard fuel pressure regulator, 2L surge tank, Top feed rail, bunch of speedflow fittings. Engine in. Started building the fuel system. Wiring the Haltech directly to the 1J loom. BC cam gears, fuel system and cooler getting done. It's basically sitting at about 70% complete at the moment. Aiming for around 500hp, should hopefully get there. Will try and keep this shit updated and clean up the thread a bit.
  6. GT3071 rear housing

    All good sorted it the other weekend.
  7. GT3071 rear housing

    http://www.hybridturbos.com/technical/garrett-gt-series-turbos/medium-frame/gt3071r-700382-20/ Link to the actual turbo.
  8. I've got a GT3071, wanting to change the larger rear housing to a .64 housing or even a little smaller. Internally gated, T25, 5 bolt. Anyone know sites who sell them? Could I use the kinugawa .61 http://shopping.kinugawaturbo.com/kinugawagarrettgt25rgt2554rgt2560rar618cmt25turboturbinehousing-1-1-1.aspx Any help would be good. On my phone so dunno how to link.
  9. That *milkshake* must have had so much fun driving that.
  10. You're most likely the smartest person I've ever heard of.
  11. Most useless seller I've ever dealt with on eBay.
  12. Basically I'm doing a 1J build in my S15 and I'm doing a decent fuel system from what I had before. Got a couple questions about sizing and what not. I'm going to be running a 60L fuel cell, carter lift pump, surge tank, twin feed 044 pumps, and a single return off the fuel rail. I was planning on running -6AN stainless ptfe fuel line from the 044's to the fuel rail, and -6AN from the return to fuel reg back to surge tank. I drew a nice picture in paint to explain. I would like to know if I can get away with using -6AN line to feed the surge tank, or should I step up to a larger (-10AN or so) size to get better flow from the carter pump? Also the return from surge tank to fuel cell size. And a breather setup for the fuel cell, how is this done effectively? Cheers.
  13. Cusco 11 or 13pt roll cage

    11 point 13 point
  14. Sooo, I'm chasing a 11 or 13pt roll cage for my S15. Tried e-mailing Jesse Streeter but the internet fails me. Anyone know if he's on here or anywhere else I'd be able to get myself a Cusco 11 or 13pt roll cage? Cheers kents