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  1. Apexi Power FC with Handcontroller

    B U M P FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Firm like your mummas booty!
  2. Apexi Power FC with Handcontroller

    BUMP! $600!!!!!
  3. Apexi Power FC with Handcontroller

    BUMP! $750! Ill even deliver it to your door..... in SA
  4. Sup! For Sale Apexi Power FC with Handcontoller to suit Red Top SR20det Tuned by Jaustech not too long ago $800 Located in Adelaide but happy to post at buyers expence! Holla
  5. I'm not the biggest Stagea fan however yesterday up in Lobethal I saw one that was done perfectly, one of the newer models, metallic blue, nice fitment black wheels! Done right!
  6. ns- meet and greet food hangs

    Sounds like a plan, if its a Saturday I'll be working, let me know rough numbers and I can book a table, it gets pretty busy!
  7. ns- meet and greet food hangs

    Ladies! I do work at the Bierhaus, and have dined too many times on our wings, which are epic to say the least! If you're a fan, I can gaurentee you'll like them, recipe is straight from Buffalo in the states, but with our twist! Roll up whenever, I work Saturdays, or if you want to wait exactly 30 days, I can roll up with you, meet the crew! Either way I'm down! Just sayin
  8. Dayummm Just saw a clip on the news! Anyone got/know of any details. Hope the damage was minimal.
  9. Hey Guys, As per title.. Wondering who you guys have used/have had good experiences with. Preferably down the south end of Adelaide Thanks Angus

    Convertible S15 outside of a certain Exhaust shop on Goodwood Rd, sorry but that shits ugly!!
  11. things that annoy you

    Women who insist on bathing themselves in absolutely rank "perfume"... seriously! one or two spray is more than enough, let alone throwing the entire bottle on yourself so it smothers my valuable oxygen when you walk into the store!!
  12. Best turbo for drifting?

    Id like to throw my two cents into this conversation.... :lol: FTW!!!

    hahaha accidentally flipped off a kitted up Red S14 with a roof wing tonight in Blackwood. No hard feelings man, ive got a mate who drives one, though you were him!
  14. Love your builds! RIP Black one, will always have the PI issue to reminisce.. Good too see YAX-11T lives on!