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  1. r32 gtr hicas trouble. HELP!

    when the hicas light is NOT on the steering it real easy to turn but when the light comes on it gets harder to turn
  2. r32 gtr hicas trouble. HELP!

    how close does it have to be?? at the moment its about 1/2 tooth on the spline out so i have to adjust the tie rods to get it centred but i thought that 1/2 a tooth wouldnt matter
  3. r32 gtr hicas trouble. HELP!

    yes it has an aftermarket steering wheel, i have tried to realign it but light still comes on, when going fast in a straight line, its all over the road.
  4. hi everyone, im having a bit of trouble with my hicas, i can get it into diagnostic mode but i have no idea what its trying to tell me can someone please tell me how to read fault codes i have done all the easy visual checks like the fluid level and the plugs i have pit a video of it up on you tube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mn6OLrAAv8o
  5. r32 gtr wheel specs

    i am looking at buying some new rims for my r32 gtr, i am wondering if they will fit and not hit anything, the rims are 18x9.5 +22 offset what size of tyre should i buy for it, will 265/35/18 fit alright or do i need to go smaller like 255s???