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  1. Epic car fail thread

    ^^ I discovered this the hard way about 19 year old chicks
  2. Tyre Review thread.

    does anyone else get a lot of road noise with Achilles ??
  3. Epic car fail thread

    she somehow makes a cheap car, even cheaper
  4. whats funny about that is, you dont even realise
  5. What to do with my s15

    advertise it on here with many pics
  6. Have you thought about a larger sump ?

    wow Steve, you move fast
  8. Supplement Reviews

    trouble seems to follow this guy
  9. Neil's FD3S Sprint Car

    dont give up
  10. Gym wankers

    and WTF is with string / T back singlets, do they know how bad it looks ?
  11. Gym wankers

    I hope you did not take it like a bitch I am 188cm and 93kg, I squat 30kgs and the bar so what what ever that is. Yeah I get some strange looks but I could not give a rats what they think. I am not in the gym for them
  12. Epic car fail thread

    I went there once with 2 other dudes, we could not get into any clubs cause they wanted 50 / 50 mix of boy / girl. The only place that would let us in was "revolver" and the "lucky cock" (I think thats what it was called)