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  1. Whos who in newy

    sh** thats exactly what it was, i cant believe i didnt realise it hahahhaha
  2. Whos who in newy

    thanks groz hit a mud flap or something on the cruise aswell it'll polish out tho hahhha
  3. Whos who in newy

    Hey everyone, dont think ive introduced myself here so Im Rachael lived in newcastle for a little while but didnt really know what the car scene was so its good to see there are a few hidden around i was on the cruise on sat i drive a whits s14a Dont be shy say hi if u see me around
  4. NIGHT CRUISE........! April 2nd UPDATED>>!

    Yeah I'm the s14 lol, and thankyou! Thought there would've been a few more s14's guess I'm just special hahahahahah
  5. NIGHT CRUISE........! April 2nd UPDATED>>!

    Thanks Josh!! Will be there next time for sure! Be good to get to know a few people!
  6. NIGHT CRUISE........! April 2nd UPDATED>>!

    My heart was beating out of my chest when I seen that cops bus thing cause by that time we were all split up and they could've got one of us I'd they wanted to! Good cruise nice variety of cars! Be good if it could be a more regular thing

    when i seen him coming i thought u guys would've got done....he came FLYING out of the exit..he had his eye on u guys lol

    cruise was good friday..there were some nice cars down eastern creek, it was good to see them drift so close at the peanut track..could'nt keep up with the guys on the way back down old pac hahahaha..was good fun..have to do it again some time soon with some more ppl

    keen for cruise

    yep im keen..be good to meet some of u
  11. Newcastle Girls?

    sounds good...have to check my roster at work i work in retail so pretty retarded hourse especially over xmas..but maybe nice sunday drive in next week or 2?
  12. Newcastle Girls?

    hey girls... yeah im keen for a drive, havnt taken my car out for a cruise yet..hopefully we can get a few more interestted
  13. Hi everyone, Just thought id introduce myself, just got my s14a been using my boys profile so i thought it was about time i got my own..been wanting a s14 for a while and so happy its finally sitting in my drive way, Im from the nsw central coast n interested in meeting other silvia drivers up here and increase my knowledge
  14. Another female silvia driver ;)

    thx guys..so happy with it..its all fixed now and looking back to how i was..got pretty lucky wth the parts all match up pretty good..got my full license now so been driving round a bt ately..just so nice to drive.. pink s14.5 where u from?
  15. Engineering

    Hey everyone, So i just wanted some advice as to where a decent place around newcastle area to go to get a few things on my car engineered..sorta new to the area and im a bit lost lol
  16. man almost killed by eel

    ahhahaahhahah wtf? lol..imagine that conversation "hey guys so an eel just swam up my ass" lmao
  17. not all girls are sluts..and not every girl will do the same in that situation
  18. hahahhahahahahahahahahahahaaahaha..just cause theres a goalie dont mean u cant score. hahaha i joke i joke lol
  19. Good Songs

    ^^ hahah will keep searching lol
  20. I think u need to let her kno that she can be comfortable with u, She would be taking a big risk to leave her bf to be with u so she needs to kno its ganna work out, If u guys just keep going with this flirting it will never change..she will never leave her bf cause she is comfortable Remember that we regret the things we didnt do rather than the things we did. Good luck
  21. Good Songs

    in those jeans..genuwine lets get married..jagged edge whatchya say..jason derulo down..jay sean lovers and friends...usher juicy...B.I.G i need a girl part 1 and part 2..P diddy room service..pitbull silly boy...rhianna and lady gaga what u got...colby o donis ft akon go to sleep..eminem dmx street girls..tocodisco hymotised..akon
  22. Good Songs

    bounce by timberland..... casley ft flo rider.. emotional... cassie, long way to go... i can transform ya.. chris brown.. take ur shirt off when doves cry remix genuwine
  23. Engineering

    that sucks guess it just shows how good he is tho..just wanna hurry up n get it all done it sucks being paranoid driving around lol
  24. u cbf to change gears but can be bothered to sit down and start a thread about it..
  25. Engineering

    Just a few things like FMIC exhaust probably the wheels stuff like that