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  1. Make : MITSUBISHI LANCER Transmission : Kilometres : 0 Price : $5,500 Condition : Used [/size]FOR SALE 1999 Mitsubishi lancer (EVO 6 look alike) P-Plate legal Female owner Rego till 26th January 2013 164,000kms very low kms due to not being drive much 17" rims Lowered suspension Tommi Makinen EVO 6 body kit Evo 6 rear seats (will come with stock ones aswell) Rockford Fosgate 6" splits in front doors Custom Alpine white in colour Nice sounding cannon Car runs beautiful and has very responsive handling Reason for selling: Have owned the car for almost 1 ½ years and only been driven about 4 times for car shows so its just taking up space and its way too nice of a car to just sit in the front yard. it's a regretful sale but keeping it rego'd serviced and insured for it to not be driven isn't feesable anymore. Price: $5,500.
  2. any photographers?

    Id love to give it a shot thing is a need a new camera asap suprisingly my video cam does a good job in the meantime lol
  3. get staffy lab or pug
  4. NSW Spotted Thread

    spotted BAP35T in bass hill maccas today. looked so good
  5. really keen but my ride height may cause a problem .. are they really big speed bumps?
  6. Photo of your ride

    my 180sx
  7. NSW Spotted Thread

    spotted a nice red 200 on camden valley way this arvo.. dunno if your on here... i was in the purple 180 behind you
  8. really keen..will be paying on thurs if thats cool with loz
  9. Hi All :)

    whaaaat? i added like quite a few a girls of this site yesterday. all with verrry nice rides too. you musnt look properly lol
  10. ns.com Whos Who In NSW

    Who are you? shann What do you drive? 180sx Drifter or streeter? Streeter hopefully in time drifter Home Town ? Sydney Pics?
  11. Hi All :)

    LOL thanks guys. yes thats him and his sil80
  12. Hi All :)

    Hey guys and girls. Im new to the forums and just thought id introduce myself Im shannon from sydney and i just brought myself a 180sx after doing a drift day with project d drift school a month ago. Pretty much it was in a crash about a month ago and sold to a mechanic as a repairable write off who i then brought it off 2 days ago. Body isnt perfect but its going in to get paint and little bit of panelbeatin in 2 weeks time *very excited about this haha* So yeah below is a pic and any comments/advice about what you guys think of it and what you could recommend for me to start adding to it would be much appreciated. Hope to get to some meets,shows and drift days and meet you all thanks
  13. NSW Girl Cruise

    hey girls are there any girls or guys and girls sydney meets going on anymore? new to the scene and keen to meet everyone
  14. Introduce Yourself

    Hey girls, im new to the forums but hopefully i'll get to catch up with yas at a future show or meet Name: Shannon Nickname: Shann Where I live: Sydney NSW What I do for a living: Admin support officer at a Local Area Command What I drive: just got my 180sx shes a bit rough but hopefully in time she'll be pretty clean Mods/future plans: my god where to start haha um for now main thing is two tone paint it, new rims, fix the height, exhaust, new interior, needs a good tuning etc the usual stuff oh and to get off my ps so i can put in a turbo Dream Car: r34 gtr Interests: cars, cruising everywhere with my boyfriend, music, going to cars shows/meets Contact: facebook is shannon magee
  15. What do you do?

    Hey girls, also new here. I currently work as a admin support officer for a police station. good work for good pay and so hopefully soon i can have the car i want