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  1. Tailem Drift Prac Day

    lol was gay as fuuuuuuuuuuuuuk tht red s14 was heaps bertter
  2. Zenki S14/ Hit & Run...GONE :(

    tall paul can you help me out hooking up an AMperformance strut brace? because im having some trouble sourcing one
  3. Racin Jason retires and hangs up the Mic!

    posting for extra rep points
  4. G1 - Round 2 at Mallala

    even i'll login to bs.com to say thats a cool photo! congrats team ATC, anyone got pics of the damage to the CTS car that bill went nuts over?
  5. greetings friends, last night/this morning someone broke into our glandore based small business a well used blue toshiba satellite notebook was targetted and taken without powerpack S/NO and model # coming. we assume it was kids but who knows in adelaide, there was hardcore damage done to a serious security screen we are happy to offer a reward of a few hunge or so, the notebook is invaluable to us, but surely useless for sale. aran 0421 228 208
  6. this thing is just off devereaux road, i go past it every day, it has been for sale for a long time! viva tarago style wheels!
  7. cant remember exactly when i took this one, mallala of course.
  8. please dont mention four brother imports we had nearly forgotten about that farce.
  9. phat pipes, speaking of which, wheres my broadbands mr rudd? theyre twin 2.5" tips, a full five inch of muff, which is plenty for any man.
  10. Drift Attack footage

    good work! wishing i was there.... gotta love that track. +kudos!!
  11. historic JMS cars

    someone braver than me would make a joke about dave lockets driving being stinky
  12. which cams for a ca

    no idea bout the ca16 exh cam... but the budget solution is CA18DE cams. Theyre more aggressive.
  13. historic JMS cars

    simmo, this is the one i was looking for! haha. the big puppy.