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  1. Carbon Bonnet

  2. Carbon Bonnet

    Hey guys, looking to buy a carbon kevlar bonnet (gold, NOT yellow) with scoops for my 1997 series 2 supra (jza80). Just wanting any advice e.g. where i can purchase, pricing, reputable brands or any other info you think would be useful. Also looking at bonnet pins and a strut bar if theres any info you know or would suggest with those parts. Thanks
  3. COD 7: Black Ops

    <3 this game ..... just saying!
  4. Mechanical Training Courses

    Haven't read the other suggestions but i think it depends how badly you want the knowledge ... i mean you could do work experience @ various workshops?? i was going to suggest a tafe course cus thats wat im doin atm thru school ... but yer, if ur not too keen on tafe then thats all i can really think of?? I guess if u do a good job at work exp then they mite offer u a part time job ?? if thats wat ur after??
  5. ns.com Whos Who In NSW

    who are you? Lani what do you drive? Series 2 Toyota Supra drifter or streeter? streeter ... looking for a 180 to make a drifter =)
  6. Busted thru Voicemail...

    Seems to me like when ppl tell u what u did was wrong - You keep saying you weren't doing anything wrong, that u were trying to b friendly ???? yet at the start you said "Talked more, tried to flirt and I asked for their facebook... " its OBVIOUS YOU ARE IN THE WRONG and you knew what you were doing was wrong ...and its OBVIOUS that you are trying to lighten the situation and therefore the guilt you are feeling for doing something like this to your gf who im sure is a lovely girl. You said yourself "The thing is, when you hear the convo on voicemail espeically thru my girlfriend's ears.... it doesn't sound nice at all." I'm sure it was nice to hear and im sure ur gf wouldn't get angry @ you over "nothing" ..... some of you guys just don't know what you want or what you got till its gone....
  7. Overseas Resorts!

    I went to Treasure Island in Fiji a few years ago .. It's a great place if you want a relaxing holiday... you can plan activities to do each day or you can just do nothing and sit on the beach. The water is BEAUTIFUL . They have cheaper and more expensive rooms so im sure you'll find something to fit your budget.. ALSO P&O Cruises are the BEST! Your fee includes food, entertainment and travel .. and they usually have packages available which help the cost (you'd be surprised how far a little money could take you on one of these cruises).. I think its a great way to see lots of different places for a very little expense. The cruise also allows you to do as much or as little as you like
  8. If you have a fair idea that she HONESTLY feels the way you do then I think its worth while pulling her aside and letting her know how you feel ... you never know she might want a relationship with you more than her current bf but is too scared to mention the idea to you.... If she says she doesn't feel the same way or if in any way she is 'sitting on the fence' ... DEFINITELY walk away and learn to keep a distance, (if she cant be friends with you without getting flirty and giving you the wrong impression ... she is using you) BUT; if she does feel the same way you do then .. obviously that's good ... and maybe you guys could make things work. My only caution would be .. do NOT continue your more intimate relationship with her unless she acts on her words and rids the old BF. That is just my opinion .....
  9. EXI73 Targa Toyota Supra

    WOW i LOVE it!!! so clean, and the kit looks great ... I'm thinking of EVENTUALLY making my supra a Targa Top, but not too sure yet. This has definitely influenced my decision. Beautiful ride xx
  10. Formal Introduction

    Hoping to get a 180sx in the near future and set it up as a drift car .... (sooo excited)
  11. Hey, Im also willing to help u guys kick this off ... anything i can do ??!! ill take stickers too if thats cool?? Lani <3 xx

    THANKYOU ... i have heard they have adhesive on the back and so they just stick to the car, is that right?? or are there actually holes where it fits into?? x
  13. Hey guys, Im a noob n i wanted to run with the black and gold theme of my car so I'm looking for Gold Toyota Badges .... Any info on where to get it from ??? or Pricing??? would b great. Also suggestions on whether it is easy to self install or whether i should get someone to do it??? Thanx Heaps xx
  14. Formal Introduction

    I was at the cruise .... what was so funny about it??? ... i dont get it?
  15. Formal Introduction

    lol .. i dun wanna b a mechanic, i just had to do it as part of my course ... i want to go to uni, b a mechanical engineer! i dont think i could live off a mechanics wages...