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  1. Keiichi2's Training Journal

    wraps are for mummys & black dudes with gold chains,good squating today shults.
  2. Keiichi2's Training Journal

    are you a day behind zee german?, i never saw that .
  3. my training

    21-9-2010 i will no longer be posting on here,thanks for your intrest. spiros
  4. my training

    20-9-2010 squats black bands 120x5..some warm ups would be nice markos. 170x5 210x5 250x5 280x1 290 fail...... back pain and real fargen heavy. normal squats 70x30 100x15 120x10...and all done.
  5. my training

    18-9-2010 bench 20x30 20x15 40x10 60x10 80x5 100x5x5 shoulder still tender DB incline press 20x20 20x20 20x20 20x20 20x25 DB rows 23x10 27x10 32x10 35x10 hammer curls 23x10x5 tri push downs the stack x 15x5 back still rooted ,getting tattooed on the stomach for 2hrs should make me forget about my back.
  6. my training

    17-9-2010 deads 50x1 time for a new bed,couldnt stand straight all day. does anyone now were to get one of those wheat heat bags you put in the microwave for sore backs?
  7. my training

    16-9-2010 140.5wr months x 5 miss x 10
  8. my training

    15-9-2010 bench 50x10x3 60x10 100x5 110x2 120x2 140x1 very easy pressing must be working but lots of shoulder pain still. incline BB 20x10 40x10 50x10 60x10 80x8 70x10x3 bent lat.....bloody max & dim 10x15x5 felt gay doing this. side lat 10x10x5 might put another 25kg and do them properly hammer curls 10x20 23x10x4. bench days shit me,roll on friday deads.
  9. my training

    14-9-2010 assistance work for deadlift hypers 15xbodyweight 20x10kgx5sets rev hypers 20xbodyweight x5sets holly crap my back has never felt more pumped. seated shoulder press DB 12kgx15x2 18kgx15 23kgx10 30kgx10 32kgx8 stil have shoulder pain
  10. my training

    13-9-2010 squats back still tight from deads 20x10x2 60x10x2 80x10 100x5 140x5 160x5 180x5 hammer curls 7x10 10x10 14x10 17.5x10 20x10 23x10
  11. my training

    11-9-2010 bench 40x10x6 80x10 100x10 120x4 some shoulder pain weight feels light shoulder press 70x5 70x10 70x11 70x12 50x20 trap bar shrugs 57.5x15 87.5x15 117.5x10 157.5x10 207.5x7 deadlift trap bar bloody nick 227.5x5 247.5x5...no belt nick.haha and im fried 2 deadlifts sessions in 15hrs thanks nick always fun mate.
  12. my training

    10-9-2010 deadlift off 4inch block 50x10 80x10 110x5 140x5 170x5 210x5 trap bar deads 107x10 127x10 147x10 157x10 trap bar shrugs 67x10 87x10 107x10 cleans 50x10x3
  13. my training

    8-9-2010 shoulder press 20x10 40x10 50x10 60x10 70x5 80x5 90x1 100x4 push press bench 75x10x5 95x10 shrugs 23x20,27x20,30x20,32x20,35x20.
  14. my training

    6-9-2010 squats 20x10 60x10 90x5 120x10 120x10 120x10 120x10 strained my groin a tad was doing 10x10 the weight felt easy but my groin is pissing me off,i think im doing the reps way to fast.
  15. my training

    4-9-2010 used to be a good day fluff day shoulder press from a rack 20x10 40x10 60x10 70x5 80x5 80x6 80x8 80x5 bench 40x50reps 1 minute rest 40x50 1 min rest 40x25 30 sec rest 40x15 30 sec rest 40x10 and im done