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  1. Jzz30 1jz turned Jza80 1jz build thread

    people just like the novelty of calling it a 1.5jz
  2. Boost Solenoid/Sensor Instulation

    where did you get that diagram from?
  3. 360 Drift

    i'd appriciate them more if they were performed inbetween 2 concrete walls...
  4. and plus 1! im a basic fitter and turner straight out of trade school and im required to know all of this and more. being a mechanic is nothing different except car are a dick load more simple, espesually when dealing with aftermarket stuff. you ain't anything special, there's plenty of normal tradesman i've met that would put any of these workshop mechanic in their place. arrogance is all well and good if you have the skill and intelligence to back it up
  5. that is the biggest load of shit i've heard. if i made a name and shame i'd probley put him first one the list the arrogant f**k and judging by the fact he made a old man winging video slaging the customers im guessing most people he has dealing with say the same thing
  6. KW v3 coilovers (pics of the drop)

    buy drop spinals and go as low as you want on any damn coilover... options are endless these days for correcting geometry on low cars
  7. brother managed to get his brake setup engineered in SA with drilled rotors... better wheel options either way you go depending on what style your into finding anything good five stud under 17'' is impossible four stud over 17'' isn't as bad but still limit's your choices if you're fussy with wheels like me
  8. i don't like even numbers
  9. Shit talkers' thread

    ive seen dodgier shit done...
  10. Was wondering this too. Are they still the be all, end all street tyre?
  11. Glynnsides rb24 180sx - Back to church duties

    sounds mint mate! incar skid vids gonna be epic
  12. Really stupid question

    Have you tryed turning the radio up?