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  1. Hi I am in need of a Zenki S1 200SX drivers side fog light after an unfortunate run in with a roo. Cash waiting. Thanks in advance
  2. Mine are completely different F1 535mm F2 650mm R1 660mm R2 620mm
  3. I can do this for you but I live in the country and the nearest "flat" black is a few ks away. .
  4. Well I moved from Melbourne to Adelaide for work had a few ups had a few downs. On the whole an enjoyable part of my life. One of the ups, as this is a car forum, was owning this beast. I bought it in a bit of a state and done it up in my garage. Learnt a few things along the way, owned it about 3 years and was my wedding car buy unfortunately had to sell September last year due to redundancy. Heart broken but at least its paying for a roof over our heads for the next few months. Anyway my daily drive is a Zenki S14. Found it in a barn owned by an old lady with a complete from new service record from Nissan. It was completely stock when I got her. Its had a few subtle changes that I hope haven't ruined the car and are easily removed if needed. Anyway enjoy.
  5. Hay Real names J live in Melbourne own a R33 GTST running just shy of 300bhp What else you wanna no??? Just ask away