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  1. WRX on p plates

    nahh he is gonna change everything like bonnet everything so its basically a rx shell with turbo motor... have the single exhuast tip and all that..??
  2. WRX on p plates

    I know it will sound stupid and ridiculous but.... my mate is planning on putting a side mount intercooler on a wrx and hiding the intercooler piping for it and putting rx badges on it...is this heard of...can it be done???
  3. hey guys just wondering are JSA any good?? cause ive heard some bad things about them but yehh just want your input... im thinkin about buying a car with them...?? No good?? Let me know of some good import dealers..
  4. Supra JZA80 exhuast

    Please some one tel me i need to know my mate has one orderd he needs to cancel it if its too big he doesnt wanna loose power
  5. 6x9 and a sub?

    F*** 6X9's they suck...just get heaps of mid range speakers and wack a couple of subs in the back...
  6. Supra JZA80 exhuast

    how big would it need to be to get a good note and gain power??
  7. Supra JZA80 exhuast

    My mate is being told that if he puts an exhuast on his non turbo supra it will loose power.. is this even possible...
  8. Stole R32 gets returned - Canada

    yehhh...but id still even hate to think hed been in me car...
  9. What are you listening to right now?

    what i got - sublime
  10. PS3 or xbox360?

    hahahah got a PS3 with a 60" LCD with 2 amps, 10 speakers n 2 subz... lol and im not even a nerd...lol
  11. calder drift

    Cheers man...might just turn up one practice night with me sil n see how we go but i dont wanna get laughed at lol
  12. calder drift

    Hey guys just wondering Is it possible to like drive with some one else at calder and watch what they do before you get on the track coz i dont want to make a fool of myself hahaha
  13. Turbo off?

    ok thank you for the only have helpfull information.. i will just look harder but i just thort i could keep the same car so that when im off my p plates i can just bolt it back on..
  14. Turbo off?

    but like do you need to do anything to the motor to tune it right after you have done it or the computer??? and the intake does the piping need to be changed and all that??
  15. Just wondering how hard it is to take a turbo off a car??like if i can find a sil thats cheap enough is it hard to take the turbz off it?? I dont no much in the way of turbo's...