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  1. boosted is right about the headlights/indicators/taillights etc. regency thoroughly inspect your car if its not stock they will almost definitely know. return it to stock everything and put it through. or just take it through now and then they can tell you themselves that the healdights need to be changed etc etc and u have wasted 146 bucks or whatever the ridiculous price has gone up to now since i have been through. also make sure your brakes/handbrake work well as they test ur brakes on a roller.
  2. Hillclimb could get interesting if it rains.. Go Bosman

    why did i just read this thread what a waste of life
  4. Good Detailers in Adelaide

    + 1 for Hamish he did my 34 gtr and it was perfect
  5. Make : SUBARU IMPREZA Transmission : Manual Kilometres : 145000 Price : $15,500 Condition : Used Selling for my brother in law. Car has just been services and is mechanically perfect. Final price reduction now $15,500 down from $17,500 as i need to sell asap. It is a great price for a well loved and maintained car. Up for sale is my pride and joy. 2004 WRX AWD hatch in WRC Blue, Car has a few modifications all installed professionally ,these include short shifter, 3” turbo back exhaust, Alpine amp, 6 Alpine speakers and a Alpine head unit with Ipod connectivity. Car stock with air con, tinted electric windows, air bags, cruise control, 17” alloy wheels, key pad security system and more It has been serviced every 10,000kms, timing belt had been replaced, always used genuine Subaru parts. Car is meticulously cared for - washed weekly, always parked under cover and driven by a non-smoker. Registered until 15th November, 2013. Starts first time every time, great drive and won’t disappoint. Selling to buy a bigger car. For any other information feel free to contact me Willing to swap for a 4x4 call Simon on 0432 836 533
  6. Where is stewy when you need him... he would love this thread
  7. Number Plate

    max doeys in the gravel at lincoln station?
  8. Adelaide hill cameras

    FACT: in 2013/2014 they are installing average speed cameras for cars from bottom of the freeway to mt lofty and the whole of southern expressway. sucks balls
  9. moooonnnnnaaaaaaajjjjaaaaaaayyyyyyyy
  10. The Hardtuned SA Dawn cruise

    Ahk I just assumed..
  11. The Hardtuned SA Dawn cruise

    Good cruise looked wild when the sun was rising in the haze, unfortunately there were a few defects and a dog got nailed
  12. The Hardtuned SA Dawn cruise

    is this a charity cruise?
  13. Lol these threads are the same after every ns meet. Benzo and bent have summed it up
  14. My money pits

    Hey all been a member for a while and thought i would chuck up my present rides... DAILY S15 Spec R 2000 model JDM Mehanicals: Nismo Pro 2way LSD 5Puk HD clutch xtreme Lightened flywheel AM performance 3" Stainless turbo back with decat and 38mm screamer K&N Pod filter Tein coils 18X9.5+20 Rota GR6-2R gunmetal grey 235/40 Toyo T1 Sport tires F / Neuton R Nismo Aero kit Wind deflectors LED style tailights OEM side indicators HID Xenon headlights Factory Privacy glass on rear windows otherwise stock TRACKER S14 ADM 1996 all the usual mods 196rwkw WEEKENDER Suzuki Sierra 1985 lifted 4" muddies snorkel bullbar spotties locked diff painted r32 gunmetal grey Velo bolted in plans for this are new motor probs injected 1.6 vitara motor with supercharger
  15. My money pits

    under bonnet looks stock as a rock but sporting some serious mods that are well hidden will endevour to get some more pics up over the weekend
  16. My money pits

  17. My money pits

    haha I know my mates give me so much lip but i always saw something else i wanted more... until now and thanks to a stupidly big bank loan i have bought my 34 gtr vspec
  18. My money pits

    update: Still have the Sierra although it is not running and needs new motor etc.. 32 gtr is sold and have finally got my dream car pics to follow
  19. STOLEN R32 GTR

    am i living in a dream world but: if you put a club lock on ur car it cant be stolen?
  20. Clipsal 500

    exactly the same as me I have been every year since it started and last year has put me off for good. too much take no give
  21. Recent car thefts - please read

    there are so many car thefts all the time, way more normal cars than imports so its hard to say SAPOL arent doing anything about it they check the plates of most cars in front of them and the chances of them being stolen are slim. that said a brake upgrade on my gtr and its dangerous to the public? so pay money and got to regency.. FARK THAT
  22. My money pits

    34 motor with tomei cams/ cam gears 247rwkw @ 14psi once i have it tuned up to 300kw i will put in a full write up