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  1. 4x114.3 wheel spacer

    Have a pair of 25mm spacers if you are interested
  2. WTB: 180sx sr20det parts

    Whats your phone number?
  3. WTB: 180sx sr20det parts

    Believe i have most of that, located in lower templestowe.
  4. surge tank, 044, fuel hose, fittings

    Photos please
  5. I have used both re002's and ku36's for fronts drifting at winton. Re002 were okay, had abit of understeer at times but lasted ages compared to the ku36's, ku36's were awesome for grip, just didn't last that long.
  6. gktech clutch line

    My brother and I also purchased one each along with brake lines, check both ends of the line for swarf. We found swarf in every single line.
  7. (VIC) SR parts S13/180 parts

    Pics of cst wheels?
  8. Always thought, dark blue/black with sparkle looks tits
  9. Jam RBS14 Crashed

    That sound
  10. Lady Luck now rb25 in the build

    Shame about the tyre stack but well done, looked like you were having mad fun
  11. kris's A31 Cefiro

    You have no idea. Was good seeing you back out there in the cefiro, sounds amazing and you were killing it!
  12. Jam RBS14 Crashed

    What happened Jaime?
  13. done

    ^^ that would not make 500rwkw none the less I'll be keeping an eye on this thread
  14. VC commodore... for the drifties

    Pwoah that's crazy power, good thing your going full spool. Know what your doing for a cage yet?
  15. VC commodore... for the drifties

    ^^^ why is that?